Are you looking to take advantage of the recent trade agreement with Canada? The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) means that tariffs will be eliminated on 98% of all goods traded between Canada and the UK.

The UK is by far Canada’s most important commercial partner in Europe with two-way trade in 2017 reaching $26.51 billion CAD (£15.5 billion), the vast majority of which moved through UK ports.

With CETA, the UK government has highlighted a predicted £1.3 billion (C$ 2.15 billion) annual boost to its economy because of the agreement. UK industries and consumers will continue to enjoy the advantages of CETA while it negotiates its departure from the European Union.

The UK is also an important source of direct foreign investment for Canada, ranking fourth after the United States, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg and there are more than 700 UK firms that have a presence in Canada that continue to contribute to the growing economy. Conversely, the UK is Canada’s second most important destination for investment abroad. There are more than 1100 UK firms owned or controlled by Canadian interests.

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