With the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, like most companies in the UK we are having to formulate a plan and give our customers advice on what MIGHT happen, but it is almost impossible to plan when we have no real idea what the final “DEAL” will be.

It is worth noting that we can arrange customs clearance in the likely pressure areas of Dover and Portsmouth and can also arrange customs clearance at all Ports and Airports in the UK.

We are preparing for worst case scenario that all EU Goods need customs clearance.

As such we are advising our customers to prepare for extra costs for any goods originating from or going into Europe.

These costs could include EXPORT Customs at approximately GBP35.00 per shipment, and IMPORT customs at approximately GBP45.00 per shipment. This will be a significant cost for anyone heavily invested in trading within the EU.

In addition to the Customs Clearance Element it would be sensible to plan cash flow and costs on the basis that Import DUTY might also be incurred, along with VAT on Imported Goods. Again, as most of the goods moving Intra-Europe are mid to high value this added pressure on cash flow and cost could be a factor.

Our interpretation of the possible outcome:

Plan A – UK remains as part of customs Union – no effect/change on Import and Export regulations, costs and procedures.

Plan B – UK leaves the Customs Union – All goods require customs entry and incur additional costs for this along with possible IMPORT DUTY and Import VAT of 20%

Plan C – UK Leaves customs union BUT have special agreements with SOME EU Countries – Would be similar to above Plan B – but no way of telling which countries would sign up.

If you would like more information on the above please contact myles@mercatorcargo.co.uk or call 02392 756575

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