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Freight Forwarding – Importing Goods into the UK, Paying VAT and Duty

If you have not imported goods into the UK before, you may be wondering how import VAT and duty works. How much VAT and duty will I need to pay? […]

Freight Forwarding – Shipping to Jordan from the UK

If you have cargo to be shipped to Jordan you’ll need to make a few decisions about your shipment.  The first decision is whether you wish for the goods to […]

Do you want to buy a Shipping Container for Storage?

Shipping containers have many uses as we discussed in a recent blog post about low-cost housing for the homeless You might be considering buying a shipping container as a solution […]

Freight Forwarding – Cargo to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

If you have cargo to send to Jeddah, whether it is a pallet of goods or a full 40 foot container, you will need to appoint a freight forwarder to […]

Freight Forwarders – Shipping to the USA from the UK

As the UK’s export market grows, first time exporters are looking to the States for business opportunities.  Shipping goods to the USA from the UK has many benefits to a […]

Who was Geradus Mercator? Why is there a Freight Forwarder Named after him?

Geradus Mercator was a cartographer in the sixteenth century and is most well known for his projection of the world named after him, the Mercator Projection.  The Mercator Projection was […]

Freight Forwarder USA to UK

Appointing a freight forwarder to handle your cargo from the USA to the UK needs some consideration.  It is important that you choose a reliable and knowledgeable freight forwarder for […]

Freight Forwarding – Air Freight Shipments to Dubai from the UK

So you’ve got your cargo ready, your buyer lined up in Dubai, and are searching for an air freight carrier.  Get the cargo on the plane and then Bob’s your […]

Freight Forwarding – Shipping to Argentina from the UK

Argentina is South America’s second largest economy behind Brazil, which is one the world’s high growth markets.  The UK has recently seen a demand for exports to Argentina as a […]

A Few Random and Interesting Shipping Facts

Here are a few interesting facts about shipping and international trade: – The distance a typical container ship covers in a year whilst navigating the oceans is the equivalent of […]