For the past few years, the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have been at the forefront of economic growth and prosperity.

Word has it that these nations have slowed down in growth, and are set to be over taken by some emerging countries.  The BRICS nations have been predicted to continue a slow growth over the next few years.  This may result in fewer exports to these nations from the UK.

The Head of Emerging Markets at Morgan Stanley has predicted that China’s economy will grow between 5%-6% over the next five years, whilst India will continue to grow at a rate of 6% each year.  These rates are much lower than their previous double figure rates over the past few years.

The emerging economic stars are set to be parts of Asia and Latin America.  The list includes the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru, Chile and Colombia.

With these economies set to grow, there are business opportunities to be had from here in the UK.  Mercator Cargo is an experienced freight forwarder, with excellent contacts in almost every country around the globe thanks to our founding partner status in the global network of independent freight forwarders, Marco Polo Line.

If you are considering exporting to any of these emerging markets (the Philipines, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru, Chile or Colombia) or importing goods into the UK, then give Mercator a call today.  You can speak directly with one of our team of freight forwarders to get quotes for freight shipments, and any help and advice you may need as an importer or exporter.

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