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Freight Forwarding – Shipping to Turkey

The Turkish economy has been strengthening over the past few years.  As such, people who live in Turkey have been demanding bigger and better houses and more sophisticated technology.  This has led to a demand in imports in Turkey for raw materials for construction, technology items, clothing, household furniture and goods, and so on.

Shipping UK manufactured goods to Turkey has become big business; Turkey has become a leading source for exports from the UK.  Istanbul’s high street is now lined with shops such as Marks and Spencer and Next.  It is the perfect time for the UK’s economy to cash in on Turkey’s construction and economic boom.

Mercator Cargo is an independent freight forwarder and over the past couple of years we have seen a big increase in shipping to Turkey services, in particular sea freight, where it is more cost effective to ship large amounts of goods (as opposed to air freight services).

Shipping to Turkey can be a complex task if you decide to arrange it without the help of a freight forwarder, it can be more cost effective to use a freight forwarder.  This may seem a silly statement, but if you use a freight forwarder for your shipping to Turkey, then they will phone around the shipping lines, or airlines, to get the best deal.  Often a freight forwarder’s long-term business relationship with the carriers will pay off.  Also, by using a freight forwarder you are going to avoid simple mistakes which could end up quite costly to you and your business.  It is a simple decision to instruct a freight forwarder who will handle all elements of your shipping to Turkey.

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Freight Forwarding News – Exports to Turkey

Turkey is set to be a prosperous business partner in the years to come.  Turkey has had their credit rating increased whilst many European countries have had theirs cut.

Turkey has been said to be one of the new high growth countries, alongside the ‘BRICS’ – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.  Whilst the majority of Europe has been crippled in construction for financial reasons, Istanbul is experiencing its construction boom.  And Turkish banks are looking to lend more, something a lot of European countries can only dream of.

Turkey is currently Europe’s sixth biggest economy, predicted to rise to the fourth biggest economy in Europe by 2050.  This would push them to the thirteenth biggest economy in the world (currently sat in seventeenth).

The construction industry is booming in Turkey.  As the economy has grown, people have become wealthier and are demanding bigger and better houses.  Some UK businesses have cashed in on the construction industry by creating partnerships with Turkey-based companies, supplying the construction industry with JCBs and materials.

The banks have reduced their lending rate in order to encourage consumers to spend more.  This has resulted in high streets booming, with big stores moving in to cash in.  Stores such as Nike, Marks & Spencer and Gap, all line the high streets.

Despite this, the UK is lagging behind on its exports to Turkey.  In 2012, the UK exported goods worth £3.7bn, a far cry from Italy’s £8.7bn, and Germany’s monstrous £14bn.

The “new middle class” is said to be the major area of growth for Turkey’s economy, with household spending accounting for 70% of national income.  There is said to be an opportunity for luxury goods, electronics and mobile phones, items which are not as developed as they are in other European countries.

There are several options when exporting goods to Turkey in terms of modes of transports and ports.  The most frequently used port for air freight is Istanbul, whilst there are many options for sea freight, including Mersin, Ambarli, Gebze, Haydarpasa, Istanbul and Evyap.

We have excellent contacts in Turkey, and we work closely with our Turkish agent regularly.

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