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Personal Effects Shipping from the UK

Personal Effects Shipping from the UK

Personal effects shipping is becoming a norm for freight forwarders.  As more people choose to relocate abroad, for work or for lifestyle thanks to the good value travel and career opportunities across the globe, there has been a surge in the demand for personal effects shipping.  Mercator can handle this nature of shipping to anywhere in the world, including Australia, the USA and Canada to name a few popular destinations.

Personal effects1 (2)One specific example of Mercator’s involvement with a personal effects shipment is when Myles (our MD) was contacted by a British man who was living in Cambodia.  He was planning on emigrating permanently to Cambodia when he was in a major accident and lost his leg. After he had recovered, he carried on with his plans to make the move and wanted his personal effects, including all those to help with his disability, to be brought out to him.  He phoned a number of large companies, but they weren’t interested due to the insurance demands and complexity of the job.

Mercator’s staff are office based, we organise shipping tasks from a distance via the telephone and the wonders that the internet has to offer.  However, in this case, Myles and George (our apprentice) went to his house, packed all the items up themselves and drove them to the port.  Mercator was able to arrange a complete ‘door to door’ delivery and he was delighted.

This is an example of the lengths that our team go to in order to help our customers.  Mercator is a family-run business, and we hold family business values highly, including customer is King.

If you are moving abroad, give our team a call +44 2392 756 575 or email, we handle a great deal of personal effects and cover most countries worldwide.


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Freight Forwarding – New International Relocations

Mercator Cargo is pleased to announce that we have expanded our services to include personal effects shipping and international relocations.

As part of our new service, we offer shipping of personal effects (clothes, electrical items, household contents and so on) around the globe.  Our service caters for smaller cargo loads (for example one pallet of items) to full house moves (in a 40 foot container or similar).

The way that the market is changing, we have seen a growth in the number of people who are relocating internationally, both to and from the UK, and an increase in popularity for those who are moving to have more of a hands on approach with their move.  With this in mind, we now offer international relocations whereby an empty container is delivered to the current address for it to be loaded over a few days, this is then taken away from the address and delivered to a port to begin the sea freight part of the journey.  The container is then delivered to the door of the new home address where it can be unpacked.  For those who do not wish to do all the packing and loading, we are able to arrange for labour to assist with loading and unloading, and in some cases packing and unpacking.

For more information on our dedicated personal effects shipping service, please visit:


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