Export Shipping to New Zealand

Freight forwarder Mercator Cargo can arrange your export shipping to New Zealand from the UK.  We handle commercial export freight, including UK manufactured goods and vehicles.

Our comprehensive export shipping services include sea and air freight to New Zealand.  There are regular sea freight sailings from Southampton, Felixstowe and London Gateway calling at Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand.  So no matter where your cargo is in the UK, we can transport it to a port quickly and effortlessly.  Sea freight to New Zealand takes around 6-7 weeks covering over 15,000 miles (depending upon the route taken).  Routes from the UK generally call at the North Island (Auckland) and the South Island (Lyttelton, Christchurch).  So no matter your shipments destination, we can arrange to ship it to a port nearby to reduce onward delivery costs.

For air freight shipping to New Zealand the destinations are much the same as sea freight: Auckland and Christchurch.  There are several departures daily from the major UK airports.  Air freight takes a few days in total (to include loading, transfers, unloading and customs clearance) which is a great deal faster than sea freight, so if you have time constraints on your goods, it might be worth looking at air freight (or at least compare the costs).

Our shipping services to New Zealand covers mostly UK manufactured goods and vehicles.  We have regular customers who export their hazardous goods from the UK to New Zealand that require specialist knowledge and ability to complete the required documentation.  The nature of your goods is not an issue, we will be able to handle the shipping to New Zealand for you.

If your cargo is not large enough to fill a full shipping container, we offer a LCL (or groupage) shipping service whereby your shipment is loaded into a container with other shipments, sharing the cost of the freight.  In this case, we recommend that your shipment is palletised in order to minimise damage during loading and unloading.  We have contacts at the major UK ports who will be able to palletise your goods if you do not have the means to do so.

We have a partner agent in New Zealand, based in Auckland who we work with regularly.  They take care of our export shipments once they have arrived in New Zealand, arranging essential services such as customs clearance and onward delivery.  Our New Zealand agent are, like us, an independent small business, and as such they offer a very efficient and effective service for our exports that arrive in New Zealand.  We find that having this contact out there really helps our customers to not only feel safe in the knowledge that their cargo is in good hands, but it takes the stress out of trying to find someone who can provide this service.  Our freight forwarder service to New Zealand comes in a well formed package, with everything covered, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Shipping Cars and Other Vehicles to New Zealand

Most of our exports out of Southampton to New Zealand are on a RORO service.  This is a shipping service specifically for cars and other vehicles.  The car, motorhome, caravan, truck (anything that might not fit into a container) is driven directly onto the vessel rather than being containerised.  We generally only recommend a RORO service if the dimensions of the vehicle prevent it from fitting into a 20’ or 40’ container (so generally motorhomes and some plant machinery – for example trucks).

We also offer a containerised car shipping service.  Internal shipping container racking has been improved dramatically so that you can fit up to four vehicles in one 40’ container.  This drives the cost of shipping down per car hugely.  Containerising the vehicles also minimises damage during shipping to New Zealand.  We have contacts at all major UK ports who can load vehicles into shipping containers for us, include a full inspection report on the vehicles, and ensure that the vehicles are strapped securely (if the car is of extremely high value, they also sometimes use padding to avoid any small movements and therefore scratches).  If you have a car to arrange the shipping to New Zealand for, then enquire about our RORO or shared container services.

No matter what your cargo is to ship to New Zealand, get in contact with Mercator Cargo to find out more about our freight forwarder services and to get a no obligation quote: +44 2392 756 575, or email sales@mercatorcargo.co.uk


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