Export Shipping to Australia – General Cargo

Mercator arranges the export shipping of various different goods from the UK to Australia.  Our busiest trade lane is the exporting of vehicles (cars, caravans, motorhomes, etc).

There are two options for shipping to Australia – air or sea freight.  Sea freight to Australia can take up to 50 days depending upon the arrival port, and air freight takes 24 hours plus time for loading, unloading and customs clearance in Australia.  Air freight is significantly more expensive than sea freight, so if you are in no hurry then sea freight is a great option for your shipping to Australia.  We handle all shipment sizes from palletised shipments in a shared container (otherwise known as LCL – less than container load) through to full container loads and RORO (roll on roll off for vehicles).

We have partner agents in Australia who we work with on a regular basis.  Having these contacts means that we are able to assist with the clearance and landing of your shipment once it has arrived in Australia.  Our partner agents will also be able to help with any queries about the suitability of the shipment (for example if it is allowed to be imported into Australia) and advise any payable GST & duty upon arrival.

There are strict customs rules in Australia, and as such there are restrictions on imports.  It might be that your goods are approved for import, but you will also need to consider the packing materials being used – for example all wood will need to be treated before it leaves the UK, this is something to consider if your goods are palletised for shipping to Australia.

Once your shipment has arrived in Australia, our local agent will be able to clear it through customs for you.  This process of importing into Australia may require a payment to local customs for GST and/or duty (if applicable – if you require clarification of rates for your particular consignment then we will be able to help you).  Our agent in Australia will arrange the payment on your behalf in order to clear the shipment.


Shipping Cars and Caravans to Australia

Our car and caravan shipping service from the UK to Australia is a well-established, tried and tested supply chain.  We regularly arrange the shipping of various vehicles from the UK to Australia and as such we have refined the process.  Our export team will be able to advise on any GST & duty payable upon clearance so you know what you need to pay and when.  We have a preferred sea freight carrier, and our agents in Australia clear and land vehicles for us on a regular basis.

Car shipping to Australia can be done via RORO (roll on roll off) or containerised shipping.  RORO is a good option for larger vehicles that might not fit into a container and also for vehicles which are runners (as they will be driven on and off the vessel).  Containerised car shipping to Australia is often chosen as it can be cheaper – there are some vehicle racking systems these days that allow for up to four cars to fit into one 40’ shipping container!  Using a container to ship cars to Australia is also a popular option because there is less chance that the vehicle will get damaged in transit: the cars will be secured with strapping and padding is used to protect the vehicle.  Containerised car shipping to Australia is designed so that the vehicle does not move in transit.  This is also a good option if the car you are shipping is not a “runner”.

Our car, caravan and motorhome shipping service can include a full inspection of the vehicle before it is loaded at the UK port.  This will provide pictures of the general condition of the vehicle inside and out and also document any existing damage – which makes any issues further down the line easier to deal with (if they do arise).

Our experience in shipping cars to Australia means that we can advise you on documents required in order to import the vehicle into Australia, and also advise about the physical of the car itself (for car shipping there must be a minimum amount of fuel in the tank for safety conditions purposes and there must not be any personal effects or other goods in the vehicle).

We arrange car, caravan and motorhome shipping for personal customers in the UK and in Australia, and also arrange shipping on behalf of UK based vehicle dealers.

Our sea freight services to Australia call at Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane (to name a few).  As Australia is such a vast country it is a good idea to select a destination port that is closest to your vehicle’s final destination (this will save onward costs of delivery).

So if you’re looking for a freight forwarder to assist with your export shipping to Australia, then get in touch today to get a quote by calling: +44 2392 756 575 or email sales@mercatorcargo.co.uk, we’ll be happy to help you with your requirements.


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    Please note we are unable to handle personal shipments.

      Please note we are unable to handle personal shipments.