Mercator Cargo has the knowledge, understanding a capability to send your Air Freight -goods to the USA efficiently and at a reasonable cost. Mercator has long standing relationships from across the USA that ensure that we can find you the quickest and safest Air Freight route for your goods.

The company is associated with 225 other freight forwarders globally and we are able to organise the transport of your freight from airports across the globe to its destination in the USA at very competitive rates.

Reliable and reputable airline companies are used to transport freight to the USA to ensure that particular arrangements are made for the safe transportation of your freight. Particular arrangements can be made for particular freight including: Perishable Goods; Dangerous Cargo; Hanging Garments; Precious Cargo.

Customs clearance advice and arrangements are also made through Mercator Cargo who are thoroughly experienced in dealing with customs clearance on a daily basis. Mercator are able to offer a variety of services for customs including: Duty and Tax Planning; Tarrif Clarification and Advice; Carnets; Licences; Temporary Imports.

Once your freight reaches its destination airport Mercator will be able to provide road transport to ensure the timely delivery of your goods to their final destination.

To discuss arrangements to transport your freight to the USA call us now on 02392 756575.


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