Export trade for the UK is gradually improving however the volumes that we import still out stretches the volumes of UK exports.

When more full containers arrive in the UK than leave, there is an issue of empty containers being left on the quay in the UK.  The carriers will then juggle around numbers, ordering empty containers to be loaded on to certain vessels in order to be transported to the country where they are required for loading.

Just a small snap shot of the situation can be seen on the Southampton Port website which shows current numbers of empty TEU (which are 20’ equivalents, so a 40’ container would be 2 TEU).  On 30th November 2015 (just as an example) there were 6608 TEU empty exports.

Have you ever seen stacks and stacks of shipping containers at ports around the UK?  These will be empty because it’s not possible to stack loaded shipping containers higher than three.

Confidence is growing in the UK export market: UK goods are in demand around the world; the UK is manufacturing some great products; and the Government is promoting UK exports with the slogan ‘Exporting is GREAT’, running workshops and talks, and Export Week.

Once the balance has evened out a bit between UK imports and UK exports, it should reduce the cost of ocean freight, as the inbound and outbound shipping container journeys will both be utilised with a cargo load.  Exporting more goods from the UK will also benefit the UK economy.

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