The huge vessel APL Vanda ran aground on Saturday night (13th February 2016) in the same area as the Hoegh Osaka fell into trouble this time last year.

The 14,000 TEU container ship (TEU = 20’ shipping container equivalent – twice the size of the Hoegh Osaka) measuring over 350 meters in length was reported to have a power failure as it passed the Isle of Wight.  After running aground (reported to be deliberately) tug boats were dispatched whilst the tide was coming in, and they were able to free the container vessel.  The high tides allowed it to safely transit onwards to DP World Southampton port.

apl vanda

The Hoegh Osaka which ran aground in the same location last year began to list which made it extremely difficult to right and bring back safely into port.  Much of the RORO cargo on the Hoegh Osaka was damaged due to the listing (hence it is always a good idea to have freight insurance on your shipment to protect your investment whilst it is on the seas).

The APL Vanda came off lightly, as if it began to list, shipping containers could have started falling off of the vessel which would have caused huge problems for other vessels scheduled to use the shipping lane and customers who had cargo on board.

The APL Vanda had previously called at Beilun in China and was on its way from calling at Le Harve in France.  The container ship arrived into Southampton Port on Sunday and is currently on quay unloading UK imports from China.

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