Mercator has seen consistent requests over the years to arrange shipping of cars from South Africa to the UK. We receive the vehicles in Durban, organize the secure loading into containers for shipping and arrange customs clearance of these vehicles into the UK; we negotiate port costs and arrange the unpacking on arrival into the UK including NOVA documentation. The sea freight from South Africa to the UK takes around 20-23 days.

Our most recent shipments include 2x Ford Escorts and 1x Suzuki motorcycle which were all loaded into one 40’ container, 3x Volkswagen Campers loaded into another 40’ Container and lastly 2x Range Rovers both also loaded into one 40’ Container.


Containerized vehicle shipping is much more secure than it might sound.  All vehicles that are loaded into the container are secured with various lashing and padding around the cars so that they do not move in transit – making it a safe shipping option.  Our vehicle shipping service even goes as far as arranging detailed inspection of the vehicle before and after it is shipped to ensure there is no damaged made during transit.

As part of a worldwide network of freight forwarders, we have personal contacts around the globe with local knowledge. Our Partner in South Africa is able to assist with Export Customs, transport and other associated activities. We can advise our customers on all aspects of exporting from South Africa to the UK. Our services for importing from  South Africa can be fully comprehensive including insurance, door-to-door imports, or as little as arranging your ocean or air freight.

If you have a vehicle to ship to the UK from South Africa then get in touch with us for a quote. Our import shipping team will be more than happy to help:

+44 2392 756 575 or email


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