Mercator Cargo has been involved in the shipping of some unusual cargo over the past 25 years.  We recently arranged the shipping of this collectable aircraft from Canada to the UK.

The customer approached us and asked for a door to door shipping service from Montreal, Canada to Swindon, UK.  Our import team put their heads together to come up with the best solution to ship the vintage aircraft.  The customer had already planned to take the wings off for shipping, and as such, the body of the plane had the right dimensions to fit into a 40’ high cube shipping container.

Shipping a specialist piece of cargo such as an airplane can require specific paperwork in order to export the cargo.  In this case, an export licence was required in Canada.  Thanks to our freight forwarding partner in Canada, we were able to assist our customer in being able to obtain this for export from Canada.

Loading (and unloading) an unusual or bulky load takes time, and it is not always possible to load within the allotted timeframe for a haulier.  We regularly arrange to drop a container to the ground for loading or unloading, and to leave the container in place for a number of days.  For this shipment from Canada, we dropped the container to the ground for both loading in Canada and unloading in the UK.

The import team instructed the collection of the shipment in Montreal, the container was delivered to the port to be loaded onto the vessel bound to the UK.  Once the container arrived in Southampton 11 days later, we arranged the customs clearance and onward delivery to door in Swindon.

If you have a shipment from Canada to the UK, or an unusual load you need some specialist help with, get in touch with our freight forwarding team to see how we can assist you: +44 2392 756 575 or email


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