Mercator is continuing to book and handle both full and part container load shipping to and from the UK.

Due to a number of businesses having to temporarily close, including those that have live import shipments either en route to the UK, or have already arrived, Mercator is dealing with existing and new clients in coming up with temporary storage solutions.

Various solutions have been put in place according to the needs and wants of the businesses we work with. If your warehouse/site has had to close under the government guidelines for Coronavirus and you have an import shipment arriving, then Mercator can help you by arranging one of the following solutions.

The first is to place the entire import shipping container into storage. We would look to take the container off the quay to minimise the cost of storage, as on quay storage gets expensive quite quickly. Another solution is to deliver the shipping container to the customer’s site and drop it to the ground. This would save on storage costs (essentially free storage as it is the customer’s yard) and only cost the shipping line’s charges on “borrowing” the container, plus the charge to deliver (and later on return) the container from/to the port. The final option, which could be the best option if the customer does not have a suitable place to store an entire shipping container, is to unpack the goods from the container and put it into storage.

UK sea freight exports are still in action. There are new challenges particularly with availability of shipping containers, mainly because of the long Lunar New Year Holiday in China, which resulted in fewer containers arriving in Northern Europe. This has caused a shortage of shipping containers for exporters. However, if you have an export shipment, providing Mercator with the exact cargo specification and a date for cargo readiness gives us the ability to provide costings and availability of shipping space.

If you are having challenges currently with your import or export sea freight shipping, then please do get in touch. Our team are keeping in contact with the major sea freight operators and hauliers at the main ports in the UK so that we can overcome any issues we see approaching and to ensure we can offer our customers up to date information. Contact us for quotes and availability: +44 2392 756 575 or email


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    Please note we are unable to handle personal shipments.