Freight forwarder Mercator handles a variety of commercial cargo from Turkey to the UK, via several modes of transport. Our shipping from Turkey services include road freight, sea freight and air freight.

Road freight is a relatively popular option as it is usually speedier than sea freight taking between 8 and 12 days. If a shipment is less than a truck load, then it is also usually cheaper than sea freight too.

Purchasing goods from Turkey can sometimes include an ATR movement certificate – which is a document from the manufacturer in Turkey to confirm that the goods were made in Turkey. This document can be used upon customs clearance in the UK and can allow tariff preferences on goods upon import into the UK (usually a reduced or zero import duty rate, depending on the classification of the goods you are importing). When you are liaising with your supplier in Turkey, be sure to ask if they are able to provide an ATR for shipping purposes.

Mercator’s import shipping team recently arranged the road freight of a consignment of 11m3 of ball pool balls. We ensured that the customer obtained an ATR from their supplier in Turkey, organised the less than truck load road freight, and then once the truck arrived in the UK, customs clearance and delivery to the customer’s door.

Our shipping services from Turkey to the UK can cover the full process, or just part. In this case we handled the whole shipping from start to finish. We can also just arrange the clearance once the goods arrive in the UK, and onward delivery (for example if it was air freight or sea freight from Turkey).

If you have purchased goods from Turkey and require assistance with the shipping of the goods to the UK, then get in touch with our import team who will be happy to talk you through the options and put together a quote for a suitable shipping solution: +44 2392 756 575 or email


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