Freight forwarder Mercator arranges export shipping from the UK to Canada on a regular basis.  We have several customers who ship to Canada monthly, and welcome enquiries from new customers with recurring or one-off shipments.  Our team are able to handle any commercial cargo type when it comes to exporting to Canada.  We mainly see the shipping of machinery, chemicals, and vehicles and parts.

The main sea freight ports in on the east coast of Canada are Montreal and Toronto.  Transit times from the UK to Canada via this route are around 15 days, with regular sailings from both Southampton and Liverpool ports.  It is possible to ship to the west coast of Canada, some routes go via the Panama Canal, transit times for a route like this would be around 40 days.  Other carriers call at Montreal and rail the container across the country.

For export shipping to Canada, we can offer a part or full package depending upon the agreement the UK supplier has with their customer in Canada.  For example, we can just organise the loading and delivery of the shipment to the UK port, or arrange for the shipment to go all the way through to the customer’s door in Canada.  We are able to offer such a comprehensive service for shipping to Canada thanks to our close working relationship with another freight forwarder based in Canada.  We work very regularly with this team, and as such we can trust them with our clients’ cargo as we know it will be in safe hands.

When selecting a freight forwarder to handle your shipping tasks to Canada it is important to ensure they not only have the right contacts in Canada, but also that they have relevant experience in shipping to Canada.  A freight forwarder that regularly arranges shipping to Canada will have good connections with the sea freight carriers, preferred rates from the carriers, and will also be in the loop regarding any requirements or restrictions for shipping to Canada.

So if you have a shipment for Canada and you are looking for a freight forwarder to handle it for you, get in touch to discuss our services and to get a quote: call us on +44 2392 756 575 or email

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