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    Shipping Operational Update 18.01.21

    Freight forwarder Mercator is continuing to operate at normal capacity, it is business as usual for all our existing and new customers.  Our team are working from home, with the exception of Paul and George who are in the office for documentary requirements for imports and exports.

    All of the team are contactable via our landline (02392 756 575) which will field out to George, Mark, Charlotte and Jess.  Our Freight Team are continuing to work normal hours, so the phones will be manned between 8:30am – 5pm. 

    We have put in a number of measures to ensure that the team continue to offer our customers the same high standard of service.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything.

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      COVID-19 Shipping Operational Update

      Mercator continues to operate at full capacity during the Coronavirus pandemic.  We have select staff in the office at any one time practicing social distancing, the rest of the team continue to work from home.

      We are hearing encouraging news from our customers and contacts all the time with business picking up in retail and demand for shipping goods in and out of the UK on the increase again now that companies (which closed earlier in the pandemic) are operating again.

      Sea and air freight availability and number of sailings/flights are improving and continue to move closer to pre-lockdown services.

      Calling our landline (+44 2392 756 575) will still field out to Mark, George and Alex whether they are home or in the office.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need us.

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        UK Customs Clearance

        Freight forwarder Mercator has an experienced and professional team with the ability to customs clear most cargoes at the majority of UK sea freight ports and airports.
        Our team has many years of experience of handling UK imports and completing customs clearance entries. Our import team will be able to assist with VAT and duty calculations and guide you with any documents that may be required for import into the UK.
        Our team work closely with shipping companies, dock operators, warehouses and hauliers on a daily basis, so we have strong connections to handle UK customs clearance and the onward journey to door in an efficient manner.
        We have direct links with HMRC at Felixstowe, Southampton, Liverpool and London Gateway to name a few. This gives us the ability to efficiently customs clear part and full loads arriving via sea freight into the UK.
        We handle HMRC VAT and duty payments on a daily basis for our customers. We manage the payments highly effectively in order to ensure a fast turnaround and therefore swift release by UK Customs.
        Customs clearance is an important part of the shipping process. Make sure you choose a reputable customs clearance expert such as Mercator who will be able to handle the process efficiently for you. To discuss your customs clearance requirements, contact our team by calling +44 2392 756 575, emailnig, or by filling in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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          COVID-19 Operational Shipping Update

          It is business as usual for UK based freight forwarder, Mercator. Our office is open for normal working hours, manned by George, Paul and Julie. The rest of the team continue to work remotely, also in normal working hours. We are being as productive as usual, handling the same amount of freight as pre-lockdown, taking new enquiries and maintaining the high standards of communications that our customers are used to.
          All of the team are available on their usual email addresses, and calling the office landline (023 92 756 575) will call George, Mark and Alex simultaneously. We will always have someone to take your enquiries or pass a message on for a call-back (in office hours). We are proud that our team are still able to offer our customers a high standard of customer service, despite the current situation.
          Sea freight is getting busier by the day with blank sailings, or much reduced sailings. Demand will soon start to outstrip supply. Air freight rates appear to be reducing and recovering from the sudden hit taken earlier in the pandemic.
          Please contact our team if you would like to discuss a certain route or rates for a fuller picture: call +44 2392 756 575, email, or fill the form in below and a member of our team will be in touch

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            Freight Shipping to Mexico from the UK

            Mercator’s export shipping team handle both sea freight and air freight to Mexico.  Our freight shipping services cover all commercial industries, from a single pallet to a full shipping container.  Thanks to our team’s extensive experience in shipping, we can also deal with more complex cargo such as out of gauge and project cargo.  Our service offerings range from a complete door to door shipment to handling just the freight and everything in between.

            Mercator is a founding member of a worldwide freight network (MarcoPoloLine).  It is using these connections that we are able to offer our customers a comprehensive and well-trusted shipping service to Mexico.  We have connections with other freight forwarding firms in Mexico, who we have met personally over the years, have moved cargo with and therefore are tried and tested.  We will only request assistance from our trusted partners, so you know that your cargo is in good hands no matter where it is in the world.

            Air freight to Mexico takes less than 24 hours (for a direct route) and there are usually daily departures from the main UK airports.  It is possible to opt for indirect routes to Mexico, it is worth noting that these can be cheaper than direct flights, but there is always the risk of a delay somewhere in the chain.  An indirect route is perfect if you do not quite have enough time for sea freight, but you do not necessarily need the cargo to arrive in Mexico in under a few days.

            Sea freight sailings from the UK to Mexico depart several times a week from various ports in the UK.  We do try to marry up your shipment with a local UK port (it can reduce trucking costs to the port in the UK), but sometimes it is more economical to choose a carrier from a UK port slightly further away, they may be offering more frequent sailings, or have a quicker route.  Sea freight to Mexico tends to take 21 days port to port, you need to add a few days either side for loading, customs clearance etc. Mercator is a small, independently owned freight forwarding company.  When you call our team, there are no voice recordings or hold music, you will get through to who you need and speak to a real person.  Your shipment will be handled by one member of our team, and you can contact them directly.  So if you are looking for a reliable freight forwarder to handle your sea or air freight shipping to Mexico from the UK call +44 2392 756 575, email, or fill the form in below and a member of our team will be in touch

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              Shipping to Canada from the UK

              Freight forwarder Mercator arranges export shipping from the UK to Canada on a regular basis.  We have several customers who ship to Canada monthly, and welcome enquiries from new customers with recurring or one-off shipments.  Our team are able to handle any commercial cargo type when it comes to exporting to Canada.  We mainly see the shipping of machinery, chemicals, and vehicles and parts.

              The main sea freight ports in on the east coast of Canada are Montreal and Toronto.  Transit times from the UK to Canada via this route are around 15 days, with regular sailings from both Southampton and Liverpool ports.  It is possible to ship to the west coast of Canada, some routes go via the Panama Canal, transit times for a route like this would be around 40 days.  Other carriers call at Montreal and rail the container across the country.

              For export shipping to Canada, we can offer a part or full package depending upon the agreement the UK supplier has with their customer in Canada.  For example, we can just organise the loading and delivery of the shipment to the UK port, or arrange for the shipment to go all the way through to the customer’s door in Canada.  We are able to offer such a comprehensive service for shipping to Canada thanks to our close working relationship with another freight forwarder based in Canada.  We work very regularly with this team, and as such we can trust them with our clients’ cargo as we know it will be in safe hands.

              When selecting a freight forwarder to handle your shipping tasks to Canada it is important to ensure they not only have the right contacts in Canada, but also that they have relevant experience in shipping to Canada.  A freight forwarder that regularly arranges shipping to Canada will have good connections with the sea freight carriers, preferred rates from the carriers, and will also be in the loop regarding any requirements or restrictions for shipping to Canada.

              So if you have a shipment for Canada and you are looking for a freight forwarder to handle it for you, get in touch to discuss our services and to get a quote: call us on +44 2392 756 575 or email

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                Covid-19 – Shipping Operational Update

                Mercator’s freight forwarding team continues to work from home arranging import and export shipping across the globe. We have minimal staff in the office to ensure the continual running of documentary requirements for both imports and exports.
                Each member of our team is contactable within office hours via email and also telephone. Calling our business landline (023 92 756 575) pings each of our operational team, one of whom will answer your call and assist accordingly.
                This week we have seen customers who had previously slowed down their shipping pipeline due to the Coronavirus outbreak, begin to take advantage of depressed freight rates in the market, particularly from China. Several of our customers have confirmed orders for goods from China and are exploring their shipping options to the UK within the next few weeks.
                At the moment sea freight rates are reasonable, some trade routes are actually a lot lower than we have seen for many years. We do expect that once the lockdown is lifted, both here in the UK and also around the world, that freight rates will increase, space will be at a premium, and there may be some delays in shipping.
                Air freight is still oversubscribed and underperforming. We are urging customers to consider sea freight right now if at all possible.
                If you are looking for a proactive freight forwarder who is currently 100% operational, then get in touch and speak with one of our team +44 2392 756 575 or email


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                  Road Freight Shipping Solutions from Turkey to the UK

                  Freight forwarder Mercator handles a variety of commercial cargo from Turkey to the UK, via several modes of transport. Our shipping from Turkey services include road freight, sea freight and air freight.

                  Road freight is a relatively popular option as it is usually speedier than sea freight taking between 8 and 12 days. If a shipment is less than a truck load, then it is also usually cheaper than sea freight too.

                  Purchasing goods from Turkey can sometimes include an ATR movement certificate – which is a document from the manufacturer in Turkey to confirm that the goods were made in Turkey. This document can be used upon customs clearance in the UK and can allow tariff preferences on goods upon import into the UK (usually a reduced or zero import duty rate, depending on the classification of the goods you are importing). When you are liaising with your supplier in Turkey, be sure to ask if they are able to provide an ATR for shipping purposes.

                  Mercator’s import shipping team recently arranged the road freight of a consignment of 11m3 of ball pool balls. We ensured that the customer obtained an ATR from their supplier in Turkey, organised the less than truck load road freight, and then once the truck arrived in the UK, customs clearance and delivery to the customer’s door.

                  Our shipping services from Turkey to the UK can cover the full process, or just part. In this case we handled the whole shipping from start to finish. We can also just arrange the clearance once the goods arrive in the UK, and onward delivery (for example if it was air freight or sea freight from Turkey).

                  If you have purchased goods from Turkey and require assistance with the shipping of the goods to the UK, then get in touch with our import team who will be happy to talk you through the options and put together a quote for a suitable shipping solution: +44 2392 756 575 or email


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                    Covid-19 – Air Freight Shipping

                    Freight forwarder Mercator is continuing to book and handle air freight shipments to and from the UK during the Coronavirus pandemic.

                    Air freight is always a changing picture, however, the changes we are seeing at the moment are very rapid. Obtaining quotes for air freight can be challenging, especially if the goods are not ready for shipping yet as quotes have little validity.

                    In order to process our customers’ requests for air freight shipping quotes, we are asking for a full packing specification along with the cargo readiness date. This gives our team the best opportunity to check prices and availability of space for air freight shipments.

                    If you require assistance with your air freight shipment, then get in touch with the team who will be happy to update you on the current situation, and work with you to find a suitable solution: +44 2392 756 575 or email


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                      Sea Freight Shipping to the USA

                      Freight forwarder Mercator Cargo has been handling commercial sea freight shipments to the USA from the UK since it was founded in 1991. Our export shipping team handle consignments to the USA regularly, and as such we have strong relationships with the shipping lines that run trade over to the USA, and also with our USA based freight forwarding partners.

                      Our shipping services to the USA include both air and sea freight. Sea freight shipping to the East Coast of America is a popular option due to the short transit time, usually between 7-10 days port to port. Shipping to the West Coast of the USA takes around 30 days. It is always best to factor in some extra time at each end to allow for loading, cut off times for sailings, customs in the USA and delivery. If you are short on time, air freight to the USA is an alternative option.

                      Our export shipping team recently arranged the shipping of a 20’ container of baby products from the UK to the USA. We instructed for the pallets to be picked up from the customer’s warehouse and delivered to a yard near Liverpool port where they were loaded and secured into a 20’ shipping container. Ordinarily the customer would load and “lash” (i.e. secure) the goods directly in the container themselves, however, it is not always possible for every business to be able to do so (requiring manpower and also forklift trucks on site). The container was then transferred to the port ready to be shipped to New York. Our team completed the export customs in the UK, and liaised with our partner agents in the USA to clear and deliver the goods directly to the buyer.



                      This particular shipping consignment to the USA was “door-to-door”, Mercator’s shipping services to the USA cover any or all aspects of the export process. Most exporters from the UK will have a FOB (free on board) term agreed with their buyer in the USA, which means they are only responsible for getting the shipment onto the vessel, and would therefore include loading, export customs, trucking to the port, and port fees in the UK to load the container onto the vessel. However, due to our relationships with freight forwarders across the USA (thanks to our founding membership of the worldwide network MarcoPoloLine), we are well connected to arrange a shipment right up to the door in the USA.

                      If you have goods which you need shipping to the USA, please get in touch, our export team will be more than happy to assist you: +44 2392 756 575 or email


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