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Like everything in life, shipping comes with its risks, and it is possible to obtain cargo insurance to cover those risks. In order to protect yourself from financial liabilities and also to protect your own shipment and its value, you may wish to take out appropriate cargo insurance.

Cargo insurance tends to cover up to three main aspects for your shipping consignment:

  • Physical loss or damage to your cargo from accidental causes
  • Damage or loss to the cargo due to natural causes, including water damage from sea/river etc.
  • Loss or damage to the cargo due to an issue with the vessel, for example collision, capsize, derailment, fire, etc.


It is worth noting that cargo insurance not only covers your own cargo, but it also covers ‘general average’. If general average is declared following an issue with the vessel, it is not the ocean carrier that is liable for the costs to be recouped of all the cargo on board and the vessel itself. It becomes the liability of every cargo owner on that vessel. If appropriate insurance is not held, then the cargo will be seized until the liability is settled by the cargo owner.

Many shippers are unaware of this potential liability if a problem with the vessel arises, but it is worth noting as a cargo insurance policy will have little outlay in comparison to the protection it can offer you and your shipment.

A good freight forwarder can offer insurance for your cargo along with arranging the shipping of the goods. At Mercator, we use a dedicated cargo insurance provider who specialise in insuring cargo in transit.

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All Levels of Cover

If you are a seasoned shipper and have imports and exports on the water regularly, then you may wish to arrange to take out an annual cargo insurance policy to cover all shipments. However, if you are doing a one-off shipment or only arrange two or three shipments per year, you might choose to take out cargo insurance on each individual shipment. Either way, if we are arranging your shipping tasks, just let us know you’d like the insurance and we’ll provide you with the documents. If we are not arranging your shipping, then let us know the cargo value, the nature of the goods, and the route of transit and we can arrange it for you.

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