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    Biggest Export Markets by Country

    The Bank of America Merrill Lynch published this insightful world map which displays each country’s largest export market.  The map does not cover exported services, but exported commodities and produced […]

    Exporting to Chile – A Freight Forwarder Case Study

    Mercator was recently asked to arrange the export shipment of a handmade wooden dinghy.  The boat was hand crafted by a company in Plymouth, and they approached Mercator looking for […]

    Importing from China into the UK – A Freight Forwarding Case Study

    We were recently approached by a UK based company, Nim’s Fruit Crisps, to assist with the import shipping of some machinery that they were purchasing from China. Nim’s had purchased […]

    Hong Kong Sets New Air Freight Record

    Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has announced a record 4.38 million tonnes of air freight handled in 2015.  The figures are up 0.1% since 2014, however, the 4.38 million tonnes […]

    UK Ports Announce Measures to Help UK Exporters Comply with the New VGM Regulations

    The new SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations will require all sea freight cargo to be weighed prior to shipping.  The weight will need to be verified, so it […]

    The Panama Canal Expansion 2016

    The Panama Canal was originally constructed in the early 1900s.  It was built to offer a connection between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, particularly for international trade so that vessels […]

    APL Vanda Runs Aground on way to Southampton Port

    The huge vessel APL Vanda ran aground on Saturday night (13th February 2016) in the same area as the Hoegh Osaka fell into trouble this time last year. The 14,000 […]

    Important Changes to Freight Shipping Regulations

    SOLAS Convention initiation (Safety Of Life At Sea) 1st of July 2016 – VGM (Verification of Gross Mass) Container Weight Implementation With less than six months to go before the implementation of […]

    What you need to know about Importing from China – Advice from a Freight Forwarder

    Thinking of importing goods from China?  Make sure you read this before you commit to anything. It is becoming more of an issue that when goods are purchased in China […]

    UK’s Empty Shipping Container Exports

    Export trade for the UK is gradually improving however the volumes that we import still out stretches the volumes of UK exports. When more full containers arrive in the UK […]