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    Shipping to the UK

    Shipping to the UK can be a relatively straight forward experience as long as you follow a set of golden rules: Make enquiries before you commit to buying goods There […]

    Shipping Vehicles to New Zealand & Australia

    Shipping vehicles, in particular cars, to New Zealand and Australia has become a popular option for those who are emigrating to Australasia.  If you are moving to Australia or New […]

    How do I Export for the First Time?

    A recent survey compiled by the British Chamber of Commerce suggests that some UK businesses are holding back from exporting their goods and services overseas. The Chamber reports that less […]

    Freight Forwarding – Containerised Shipping to Egypt from the UK

    We were recently tasked with shipping a rib from Hamble in Hampshire to Egypt.   Our customer had bought the boat a few months previously but was struggling to find a […]

    Freight Forwarding – Air Freight to South Africa from the UK

    Arranging for an air freight shipment from the UK to South Africa is a relatively straight forward process.  In order to arrange air freight directly with the airlines a membership […]

    Why Choose a Family Run Freight Forwarder?

    If you’re in the market to find a new freight forwarder, you might consider choosing a family-run business to work with. Mercator Cargo was founded by Paul, our MD, in […]

    Freight Forwarding – Shipping Steam Engines to the USA

    As a well-established freight forwarder, Mercator Cargo has encountered some interesting cargo since operations began in 1991. One recent shipping task we were asked to assist with was the export […]

    Freight Forwarding – Shipping to Sydney

    If you have cargo ready to be shipped to Sydney, or are speculatively looking at shipping some goods to Sydney (either for a customer order, or a personal vehicle move), […]

    Freight Forwarding – Air Cargo to Kuwait from the UK

    If you have cargo to send via air to Kuwait from the UK, then look no further.  Mercator Cargo can handle all aspects of your air freight shipment to Kuwait […]

    Freight Forwarding – Shipping to Dubai from the UK

    When choosing a freight forwarder to handle your shipping to Dubai, you’ll need to make sure that they are able to offer all the services that you require.  A reputable […]