So you’ve got your cargo ready, your buyer lined up in Dubai, and are searching for an air freight carrier.  Get the cargo on the plane and then Bob’s your Uncle.  Unfortunately it isn’t that straight forward.

Exporting goods via air freight to Dubai (or to anywhere in the world for that matter) isn’t a case of just arranging one thing.  To arrange air freight to Dubai you will need to arrange at least these aspects:

–          Delivery of your cargo to a warehouse nearby the departure airport for packaging and handling;
–          Air freight;
–          Documentation (which differs from destination country to country), for Dubai you will require a certified commercial invoice (we can arrange this for you and advise further);
–          Customs clearance at destination;
–          Delivery to door in Dubai.

Fortunately there is a simple way you can just arrange one thing and Bob really is your Uncle.  And that is to appoint a freight forwarder to handle your air freight to Dubai.  Mercator Cargo is a UK based independent freight forwarder and we regularly arrange air freight to Dubai from the UK.

We work with our partner office in Dubai on a regular basis, they are proven to be reliable and full of useful local information.  We have this contact through our founding membership of the global freight forwarding network Marco Polo Line (MPL).

Reasons you may choose air freight over sea freight to Dubai:

–          The shipment is urgent (transit time via sea can be up to 20 days);
–          Your shipment is relatively small and light weight (air freight is calculated by weight and volume);
–          Generally sea freight is the cheapest form of shipping, but if your cargo is particularly light and the current sea freight rates are not in your favour, it might be worth doing a quick comparison between the two freight services (it rarely happens that air freight is cheaper than sea freight, but we have known it to happen).

So if you’ve got an air freight shipment for Dubai, give our export team a call to discuss export protocols and costs – Tel. 02392 756 575. Email:


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