Several major terminals and ports in Asia are suffering from congestion due to rapid growth in the freight forwarding industry. Freight forwarders and shipping analysts are now calling for urgent investment into these ports to increase capacity and reduce congestion.

This has been caused by the increase in the size of vessels used to transport cargo worldwide. An average vessel now carries up to 4000 containers, whereas only a few years ago the average vessel had a 1000-2000 container capacity. This major leap has increased the strain on terminal capacity at many Asian ports.

Asian Terminals:

  • Vietnam: New terminals have recently opened in Vietnam, but there is still room for improvement in operations and size of terminals.
  • Indonesia and Jakarta: Growth is good and potential is strong but investment in ports is desperately needed to realise the potential in this growth. Severe backlogs are being seen as exports from Asia surge.
  • Bangladesh: In the port of Chittagong the volume of containers has been causing problems.

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