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    Brazilian Port Cleared to Handle Larger Container Vessels

    The Brazilian Port Terminal de Conteineres de Paranagua (TCP) has recently received permission to handle larger ocean carriers.  Previously restricted sizes were according to the limits allowed to travel through the Panama Canal.  The Brazilian port has now been authorised unrestricted access to ‘post-Panamax’ vessels (that is larger than Panamax container ships).

    This newly lifted restriction will allow larger container vessels to the South American port than previously, thus increasing loads entering the country and reducing costs.  This is of significant benefit to both importers and exporters to and from Brazil.

    Since the container terminal was acquired by a private US firm in 2011, productivity in the port has increased.  There has been a sharp rise in container moves per hour, from less than 30 in 2010, to almost 80 in November 2012.  This is partly due to investment in new handling equipment for the containers.  This also has a cost benefit for those importing containers of goods into Brazil, and exporting containers from this terminal.

    A planned expansion of the container terminal is due for completion in November 2013.

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      Freight Forwarding to Brazil, South America from the UK

      Mercator Cargo is a founding partner of a global network of independent freight forwarders.  With our 20 years’ of experience in freight forwarding, we can arrange for your export goods to Brazil, South America from the UK.

      There are several freight forwarding options to consider when arranging your export to Brazil.  One important first consideration is how big your load is.  Mercator can offer services including:

      –          Full container load by ocean freight
      –          Half container load by sea freight
      –          Smaller load via air freight
      –          Or less than container load (LCL) – where your goods are combined with other specially selected cargo which can reduce the shipping costs.

      Other information required includes whether your cargo has any special requirements.  For example, Mercator can accommodate for unusual or sensitive loads including:

      –          Dangerous Goods
      –          Hanging Garments
      –          Precious Cargo
      –          Special Merchandise
      –          Perishable Goods.

      Mercator offers a comprehensive freight forwarding service, giving advice on options such as documentation; transit routes; customs clearance; transit times; and transport options.

      Mercator can arrange your customs clearance for you as your cargo arrives in San Paulo, Brazil.  These customs charges can be calculated in advance, so that all charges are clear and upfront.  Once the customs clearance charges have been settled, we will call on our contacts locally in San Paulo – thanks to our global network of independent freight forwarders.  Using their local freight forwarding knowledge and contacts with hauliers and rail networks, we can arrange your cargo’s onward journey to its final destination.

      Whether you’re a new business expanding into exports, or you’re an established company looking for a freight forwarding partner, contact us to discuss your shipment to Brazil.
      Tel. 02392 756 575 or


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        Freight Forwarding to Argentina, South America

        Mercator can offer several different freight forwarding services to export your cargo to Argentina, South America.  With comprehensive sea container freight and air freight options, Mercator can assist in exporting your goods to South America.

        As a founding partner in our global network, we have representing offices in Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Rosario, Argentina.  This provides us with invaluable local knowledge of customs procedures and contacts with reliable and trusted local hauliers and rail networks.  Our contacts with these local freight forwarders mean that we can offer a “to door” service, including delivered at terminal (DAT), delivered at place (DAP) and delivered duty paid (DDP).

        Mercator is a UK-based independent freight forwarder with over 20 years of experience of shipping goods all around the world.  With our knowledge, we can discuss with you your requirements, and advise on matters such as:

        –          Documentation
        –          Shipping Routes
        –          Transit Times
        –          Customs Clearance
        –          Warehousing and Distribution

        All customs clearance charges can be calculated in advance of you shipment departing for Argentina, South America – so there are no hidden charges or nasty surprises.  Once the clearance charges have been settled, your cargo can be released and continue its onward journey to its destination.  Onward transportation includes road haulage and rail options using our local freight forwarding network office and knowledge.

        So with assistance in exporting your goods to Argentina, either via ocean container freight or air freight, call Mercator today to discuss your requirements and arrange a tailor-made freight forwarding solution. Tel. 02392 756 575 or Email


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          MarcoPoloLine Success at Intermodal 2011

          Paul Goehlert, Managing Director of Mercator Cargo Systems and partner in Marco Polo Line (our Global Network of freight forwarders) has just returned from the Intermodal exhibition in San Paulo, Brazil.

          More than 45,000 visitors attended Latin America’s leading integrated exhibition and conference event for international trade and logistics handling held from 5th till 7th April 2011 at Transamerica Expo in Sao Paulo Brazil.

          MarcoPoloLine (MPL), the fastest growing global network of small to medium size independent freight forwarders was amongst more than 450 exhibitors at the conference. Twenty members of MarcoPoloLine, including Mercator Cargo Systems from UK had representatives on the stand.

          The MarcoPoloLine group, who only admits new members by recommendation and other strict criteria, made contact with more than 50 potential new partners from all over Latin America.

          “It was a very productive three days meeting up with existing partners. There were also many companies interested in finding out more about MarcoPoloLine at their first ever exhibition. The investment was really worthwhile. New business enquiries are already coming in.”

          Paul Goehlert, Managing Director, Mercator Cargo Systems 


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            Your MarcoPoloLine Invitation to Intermodal 2011

            The MarcoPoloLine Group was established to benefit the needs and requirements of small to medium sized freight forwarders.

            In less than 5 years we now have
            220 offices in 82 countries worldwide.

            We invite you to visit us on Stand D9, so as to introduce you to The MarcoPoloLine Group, and answer any questions you may have.

            Please make an appointment here: Your password is guest2011


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