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    Freight Forwarding to Brazil, South America from the UK

    Mercator Cargo is a founding partner of a global network of independent freight forwarders.  With our 20 years’ of experience in freight forwarding, we can arrange for your export goods to Brazil, South America from the UK.

    There are several freight forwarding options to consider when arranging your export to Brazil.  One important first consideration is how big your load is.  Mercator can offer services including:

    –          Full container load by ocean freight
    –          Half container load by sea freight
    –          Smaller load via air freight
    –          Or less than container load (LCL) – where your goods are combined with other specially selected cargo which can reduce the shipping costs.

    Other information required includes whether your cargo has any special requirements.  For example, Mercator can accommodate for unusual or sensitive loads including:

    –          Dangerous Goods
    –          Hanging Garments
    –          Precious Cargo
    –          Special Merchandise
    –          Perishable Goods.

    Mercator offers a comprehensive freight forwarding service, giving advice on options such as documentation; transit routes; customs clearance; transit times; and transport options.

    Mercator can arrange your customs clearance for you as your cargo arrives in San Paulo, Brazil.  These customs charges can be calculated in advance, so that all charges are clear and upfront.  Once the customs clearance charges have been settled, we will call on our contacts locally in San Paulo – thanks to our global network of independent freight forwarders.  Using their local freight forwarding knowledge and contacts with hauliers and rail networks, we can arrange your cargo’s onward journey to its final destination.

    Whether you’re a new business expanding into exports, or you’re an established company looking for a freight forwarding partner, contact us to discuss your shipment to Brazil.
    Tel. 02392 756 575 or


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      Please note we are unable to handle personal shipments.

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      Freight Forwarding to Argentina, South America

      Mercator can offer several different freight forwarding services to export your cargo to Argentina, South America.  With comprehensive sea container freight and air freight options, Mercator can assist in exporting your goods to South America.

      As a founding partner in our global network, we have representing offices in Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Rosario, Argentina.  This provides us with invaluable local knowledge of customs procedures and contacts with reliable and trusted local hauliers and rail networks.  Our contacts with these local freight forwarders mean that we can offer a “to door” service, including delivered at terminal (DAT), delivered at place (DAP) and delivered duty paid (DDP).

      Mercator is a UK-based independent freight forwarder with over 20 years of experience of shipping goods all around the world.  With our knowledge, we can discuss with you your requirements, and advise on matters such as:

      –          Documentation
      –          Shipping Routes
      –          Transit Times
      –          Customs Clearance
      –          Warehousing and Distribution

      All customs clearance charges can be calculated in advance of you shipment departing for Argentina, South America – so there are no hidden charges or nasty surprises.  Once the clearance charges have been settled, your cargo can be released and continue its onward journey to its destination.  Onward transportation includes road haulage and rail options using our local freight forwarding network office and knowledge.

      So with assistance in exporting your goods to Argentina, either via ocean container freight or air freight, call Mercator today to discuss your requirements and arrange a tailor-made freight forwarding solution. Tel. 02392 756 575 or Email


      Request a Quote for Shipping to Argentina

        Please note we are unable to handle personal shipments.

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        Air Freight Cargo Picks Up

        After a very slow and somewhat dismal start to 2011 it looks like Airfreight Export and Import cargo is finally picking up with growth since January around 4% and the annual forecast should be between 5-10% up on the second half of 2010.

        However rising fuel prices have squeezed margins for most carriers with increases in Fuel meaning that to secure business the carriers have had to cut basic Airfreight Rate per KG to hold onto and increase market share.

        It remains to be seen if traditional Summer and Christmas “peak seasons” will drive volume up, it seems likely that the costs incurred for exporting or importing by air could well result in volumes remaining low until first quarter 2012 when the London olympics should begin to increase overall Import Volume, especially into London Heathrow.

        For more information, or air freight rates, services and general guidance please contact one of our expert team at Mercator Cargo Systems on 02392 75 65 75

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        Container Freight Rate Increase on Hold

        Many carriers are putting planned GRI (General Rate Increase) for the 1st of August on hold due to lower than forecasted Peak Season Container bookings, a number of carriers are already announcing the scrapping of increases way ahead of the proposed implementation date, with most citing growth and volumes at low levels even as we approach the traditional peak season for Christmas goods to begin shipping.

        Some industry sources say that peak season this year will fail to materialise, due to the historically low freight rates but also due to some customers getting burnt in previous years with space problems, some of them having already arranged shipment and in some cases already fully stocked for Christmas.

        For more information on this or any other container, import or export, freight or international trade matters please call the expert team at Mercator Cargo on 02392 756575


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        Court overrules planning decision for much neede rail terminal

        The developer of a proposed huge new rail freight terminal using Green Belt land at Radlett in Hertfordshire, UK, is celebrating a victory following a High Court decision to overturn the government’s denial of planning permission.

        The ruling means that the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government will have to reconsider his decision made in July last year.

        HelioSlough’s proposed Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (SRFI) had been opposed by campaigners arguing that the terminal would erode the Green Belt and increase the level of noise and traffic in the area.

        The developer wants to build the 350,000sq metre depot on the former Radlett Airfield.

        A spokesman said: “The SRFI is important for sustainable economic growth – some £250 million (US$402m) will be invested by the private sector in this development, with some 3,000 jobs being generated over the long term.

        “It will also generate significant carbon savings by switching freight onto the railways that would otherwise have been moved by road.”

        It added: “In the light of this ruling, we now await to hear from the secretary of state what his next steps will be and we will be engaging fully in that process.”

        The Secretary of State has until 11 July to challenge the court ruling.

        Philippa Edmunds, Freight on Rail’s Manager, said, “Without road and rail transfer points in the right locations, long-distance road freight cannot be removed from our congested road network.

        “The planning inspector recommended granting planning permission for this strategic interchange, so we urge the secretary of state to support this application, which ticks all the right boxes in terms of location, stimulation of the green economy and green jobs.”

        She added: “Not only is this decision crucial for relieving road congestion around Greater London, it is a key test for wider strategic planning versus localism in the new planning regime.

        “The country needs the Localism Bill and the forthcoming National Planning Policy Framework and National Policy Statements to support strategic planning, and, in particular, rail freight terminals of varying sizes in order to reduce road congestion and tackle climate change.”

        For more information on this, or any other Rail, Road Sea or Air shipments, please contact our expert team at Mercator Cargo on 02392 75 65 75

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        Port of Tyne Undergoing Dredging

        The port of Tyne is undergoing major dredging works to allow ever larger vessels to call at the multi function berth at the Riverside Quay.

        The dredging forms part of a major £4 million investment in the port infrastructure.

        This will open up the North East port as more and more carriers and Importers use the port for Northern delivery points. Mercator cargo have been using this and other ports in the north of the UK for some time, cutting down on UK haulage prices, with the added benefit of reducing carbon footprint.

        The port will now be able to accomodate the larger vessels, upto and including the current largest “Panamax” range.

        The move follows the increase in orders from many carriers, such as Maersk who have recently ordered TEN 18000 TEU Vessels for delivery in 2013, they are also expected to take the option to increase the order to a further ten vessels for delivery in 2015-2015. With the possibility to order a further ten in addition.

        EMC (Evergreen)  has ordered thirty five 8800teu vessels, twenty or so of which are scheduled for completion in 2013.

        CMA CGM has increased the capacity of  three ships in production from 13800teu to 16000teu.

        To discuss this, or any other Import, Export or Container shipping please contact a member of our experienced freight forwarding team on 02392 75 65 75

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        EU imposes Trade Sanctions against Syria

        Starting 10th May EU has imposed trade sanctions against Syria, an asset freeze against certain individuals and an arms embargo. UK Export Licences will be  considered on a case by case basis by the Export Control Organisation. Any company holding an existing OGL permitting export to Syria should check the Licence validity. If you require further information on Import, Export or General Freight Forwarding  please telephone this office on 02392 75 65 75 or mail


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        Hong Kong Port Container Volume Increases in April 2011 but can it make NUMBER 1 Port for 2011?!

        April 2011 saw Hong Kong Port handle 2,020,000 TEU. This is a 4 per cent increase on April 2010 throughput of 2,000,00 TEU. The port of Singapore registered  impressive growth of nearly 6 percent to 2.5 million TEUin April 2011 from 2.4 million in April 2010

        Currently the worlds top 10 ports stand as follows (Approx figures based on industry sources)

        1- Singapore in 2010 handled around 25.8 MILLION TEU

        2 – Shanghai in 2010 handled around 25 MILLION TEU

        3 – Hong Kong in 2010 handled around 21 MILLION TEU

        4 -Shenzhen in 2010 handled around 18 MILLION TEU

        5 -Busan, South Korea in 2010 handled almost 12 MILLION TEU

        6 -Guangzhou in 2010 handled just over 11.1 MILLION TEU

        7-Dubai UAE in 2010 handled around 11.1 MILLION TEU

        8- Ningbo in 2010 handled around 10.5 MILLION TEU

        9- Qingdao in 2010 handled around 10.2 MILLION TEU

        10- Rotterdam, the only port in EUROPE in the top 10 in 2010 handled around 10 Million TEU

        SIX of the top 10 ports in 2010 are located in China, which goes to show the growth and strength of the Chinese economy, Singapore and Shanghai are set to slog it out for the TOP Port of 2011 with Shanghai narrowly leading the race!

        For more information on Import, Export, Freight Forwarding and import from any of the TOP 10 ports in the world, and beyond please call our Experts on 02392 75 65 75

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