Shipping vehicles, in particular cars, to New Zealand and Australia has become a popular option for those who are emigrating to Australasia.  If you are moving to Australia or New Zealand then shipping your car out there is a good option for a number of reasons:

Buying cars in Australia and New Zealand is an expensive business
In fact, just selling a second hand car in the UK and re-buying can be a headache and you can lose money.  Some of our customers shipping their cars to New Zealand and Australia have chosen to export their cars for this reason.

They drive on the left hand side of the road
Your right-hand drive car will fit in perfectly in Australasia where they drive on the left.

Shipping your car to New Zealand or Australia is not as complicated as you might think
As long as you appoint a reputable freight forwarder who has experience, and also very importantly contacts in Australia and New Zealand, then the process of shipping your car will be relatively simple for you.  Let the experts do the work.

Shipping your car to Australia or New Zealand is not as expensive as you might think
9 times out of 10 these shippers will also be able to do it for a better price than if you were to go direct to a carrier – this is because they have the contacts and relationships to get the best prices.  If you let the experts handle the bulk of the work, because of their knowledge and experience, they know all the pitfalls and the mistakes that are easily made (which cost money) and so know how to avoid them.

A big part of Mercator’s trade is vehicle shipping across the globe.  We have reputable contacts who we talk to regularly in Australia and New Zealand, thanks to our founding membership of the global shipping network MarcoPoloLine.  With our knowledge and contacts you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that your car is in safe hands where ever it goes.

If you would like to discuss shipping your car to New Zealand or Australia, then please contact us either on +44 2392 756 575, or email  We will be happy to discuss your car shipping requirements.


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