Appointing a freight forwarder to handle your cargo from the USA to the UK needs some consideration.  It is important that you choose a reliable and knowledgeable freight forwarder for any shipment, and more importantly a freight forwarder with contacts in the USA.  Your freight forwarder will need to have a good relationship with another reliable freight forwarding agent in the USA to ensure the smooth transportation of your cargo from the USA to the UK.

Mercator Cargo is a UK based freight forwarder with an experienced import department handling freight from the USA on a regular basis.  We have several partner freight forwarders in the USA, thanks to our founding membership of the global freight forwarding network, Marco Polo Line (MPL).  With this connection, we can arrange collection in the USA to be delivered to the port of departure and organise necessary documentation for your shipment.

Mercator can handle your freight shipment either by sea or air from the USA.  There are daily departures by air and these take a matter of hours, departing from all over the USA (for example Miami, New York, Texas and Chicago).  Sea freight transit timings vary from 7 days from New York, to 31 days from Los Angeles (via the Panama Canal).  Sea freight vessels vary, calling at ports such as Liverpool, Felixstowe, Southampton and Thamesport.  You can discuss various departure ports in the USA and arrival ports in the UK with one of our experienced freight forwarders.

Once your shipment arrives at the UK port, we can arrange for customs clearance for you.  Depending upon the goods, there will be import VAT and duty to pay (please discuss tariffs with our freight forwarders).  You will require an EORI number to import goods to the UK (if you are VAT registered, this is a simple process we can assist you with).  Once your shipment has cleared customs, we can arrange haulage to the cargo’s final destination.

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