A bell from a picturesque miniature Chinese Temple in Portsmouth’s Victoria Park has been recently returned to China by Mercator Cargo Systems. The traditional style temple built commemorates the Far East commission of HMS Orlando (1899-1902).

The bell was taken from China during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900.   The bell was captured at the North-West Fort of Taku, which guarded the mouth of the river to Beijing.

After it’s capture the bell was hung in Portsmouth by the crew of HMS Orlando in honour of their fallen shipmates, lost during the campaign.

In a letter to the Evening News in 1993 it was suggested that it was an inappropriate artefact for a Naval Memorial and that it should be returned to the temple which it came from.

On the 13th June 2005, The News reported that a Chinese delegation had arrived in Portsmouth to take possession of the bell.  A replica bell was donated by the Chinese authorities and placed in the memorial in 2007.

Mercator Cargo Systems, a freight forwarding company in Portsmouth was instructed to arrange for the safe shipment of the antique bell from the UK to China by the Chinese delegation.

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