Here are a few interesting facts about shipping and international trade:

– The distance a typical container ship covers in a year whilst navigating the oceans is the equivalent of three-quarters of the way to the moon and back.

– The shipping industry accounts for 2% of the UK’s GDP, which is greater than the total GDP of restaurants, takeaways and civil engineering.

– Sea freight is greener than shipping via a plane or by haulage: a container shipped via sea from Shanghai to La Havre emits less greenhouse gases than the truck taking the container on its onward journey to Lyon.

– On average almost 90% of all goods bought around the world has arrived by ship.

– There are over 55,000 container and transporting shipping vessels trading internationally.

– This huge fleet requires 1.5 million staff to man it.

– Container ships engines are 1000 times more powerful than an average car.

– The largest container ships can cost up to £120 million pounds to build.

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