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    RoRo and Vehicle Shipping

    Roll-on/Roll-off (otherwise known as RoRo) is a freight forwarding service for wheeled vehicles whereby they are roll on and off the car transporter ship.  Suitable for trucks, caravans, vans and cars, Mercator can arrange the shipment of your vehicle to almost any destination worldwide.

    An alternative freight forwarding service for importing or exporting vehicles is via a shipping container.  If shipping a vehicle for export or import in a container, Mercator will arrange for your cargo (be it a car, caravan, or motorcycle) to be secured in its container to ensure safety in transit.  This is secured using webbed netting, so that no marks are left on the vehicle whilst it is being transported.

    RoRo (roll-on/roll-off) and vehicle container shipping are two of the services offered by freight forwarding company Mercator Cargo.  Whether you’re looking to export or import a car, a van, motorcycles, or even caravans, Mercator Cargo has the experience and contacts to help you with your shipment.

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      Please note we are unable to handle personal shipments.

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      New Car Terminal for Grimsby, United Kingdom

      Car trade through the UK port of Grimsby is set to surge as the Secretary of State for Transport approved a proposal to develop two roll on roll off (ro-ro) riverside terminals for the transportation of cars.

      The two new terminals will accommodate vessels carrying over 2000 vehicles and the port will see a significant increase in its cargo capacity. The development is the largest project in Grimsby’s recent history.

      The news comes after recent consent was granted to the Port of Southampton to upgrade berths to be able to accommodate ultra large container ships calling at the UK in the next few years. These developments mean these two UK ports will continue to serve the UKs increasing demand for imports and exports in years to come.

      For more information on the developments and the potential the Port of Grimsby will start to offer importers and exporters over the coming years please contact Mercator Cargo Systems today on 02392 75 65 75 to speak to an experience members of our freight forwarding team today.

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