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    Do you want to buy a Shipping Container for Storage?

    Shipping containers have many uses as we discussed in a recent blog post about low-cost housing for the homeless

    You might be considering buying a shipping container as a solution to a storage problem on your premises.  If you’ve got the space outside, and a 40 foot, or even a 20 foot container will suit your storage needs, the next step is to find one for sale.

    This is where we might be able to help.  We’re Mercator Cargo, an independent, family-run freight forwarder based in the UK.  We work with customers all over the world helping them ship their goods from one country to the next.  We deal with shipping lines on a daily basis who own the shipping containers.  Our contact means that we know who to ask to purchase a shipping container and can arrange the sale for you.

    Most people opt for a second-hand shipping container as they are a great deal more cost-effective than a brand new one.  If you are using the container for storage then you will want to have peace of mind in knowing your shipping container has no leaks and is clean.

    Once we’ve found the container for you, we can arrange for a haulier with a special truck to drop the container to the ground at your premises.

    Call us today to discuss the possibilities of sourcing a shipping container for you to solve your storage needs – Tel. 02392 756 575. Email:

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    Shipping Containers to be used as Low-Cost Housing for the Homeless

    Brighton Housing Trust has launched an innovative project to house the homeless in the city.  The project involves using converted shipping containers as self-contained ‘apartments’.  This week, the project’s wheels began to move with the first six shipping containers being installed in Brighton.

    The shipping container units were converted in Holland for a similar social housing project in Amsterdam.  Unfortunately the project in Holland failed due to lack of funding.  The shipping container units will be stacked on top of each other in 3 and 5 storey formations; a total of 36 will provide temporary accommodation to the homeless.

    Shipping containers are an excellent solution to low-cost housing.  Shipping containers are engineered to be stacked on top of each other when in transit on shipping vessels, so it is possible to create multi-storey shipping container blocks of studios/flats.  There is no building required when using shipping containers as housing as the structure already exists, just internal work is required to convert the units.  The shipping container units can be placed on temporary sites and moved at a later date (shipping containers are designed to be moved around).

    Shipping containers have been also used to create quirky and trendy housing (as below).  Eco-friendly and angular housing is being more popular and the use of a shipping container fits this perfectly.  Using shipping containers as housing also fits the popular concept of ‘up-cycling’ or ‘make do and mend’.

    Shipping-Container-Guest-House- (640x427)

    Mercator Cargo can arrange for your shipping container (whether for a housing project, or full of goods as an import or export) to go anywhere in the world. We can also assit in sourcing used containers. Contact us for more information – Tel. 02392 756 575. Email:

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    Freight Forwarding – How Shipping Containers have Changed the Freight Forwarding Industry

    Shipping containers have been used since the 1950s when they were invented by an American trucking businessman.  Since then, freight forwarders, importers and exporters have used shipping containers for the transit of all kinds of goods.

    Prior to freight forwarders using 40 foot or 20 foot containers, ships hulls were loaded manually by dock workers, box by box, piece by piece.  This is a time consuming job, and sometimes these big shipping liners spent more time at the docks than they did at sea.

    Now, using shipping containers, freight forwarders can get their cargo off the shipping liners within hours, rather than weeks.  Their uniformed sizes mean that they can be easily transferred from ship to dockside, to truck, to train, and so on.

    These rather simple developments in freight forwarding have dramatically decreased costs involved in importing and exporting goods.

    If you have a full container load, or even a less than container load, of cargo to be exported or imported, then get in touch today to discuss our freight forwarding services available – Tel. 02392 756 575. Email:


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