Shipping from the USA to the UK

Mercator has recently seen an increase in import traffic of shipping from the USA to the UK.  If you have freight to ship from the USA to the UK then there are a few decisions you need to make before arranging the shipment.

The main decision is whether you want to use a sea or air freight service from the USA.  The biggest difference is, of course, time (and cost).  If you’re short on time and can afford it, then you might wish to choose air freight from the USA to the UK.  Likewise, if your consignment is of significant value or particularly delicate then air freight might be your first choice.  However, if you do not have any shipping time constraints and you want to save yourself some money, then you could choose a sea freight shipping package.  The location in the USA of your shipment will affect the sea freight shipping transit time.  Sea freight shipping times from the USA to the UK vary from anything from 7 days from New York, up to over 30 days from Los Angeles (which transits via the Panama Canal).

Mercator can tailor a bespoke freight package for your shipment from the USA to the UK.  Our UK import team can arrange all or part of the shipping for you.  For example, if you have bought a large machine just outside New York and the terms you have bought it means that you need to take care of all aspects of the shipping yourself, then our team can arrange for collection in the USA and packing into a container, transit to the New York sea port, sea freight to the UK, customs clearance in the UK, and onward delivery to your door in the UK.  If however, you have bought a car (for example) which includes all freight to the port in the UK, then our shipping team can arrange for clearance through UK customs and onward delivery to your door in the UK.

Thanks to our membership of the worldwide freight forwarding network MarcoPoloLine (MPL), we have contacts in several offices across the USA who can assist with the aspects of your shipment in the USA for you.  These contacts are tried and tested, so you can be sure that your cargo is in safe hands.

So if you have a shipment to arrange from the USA to the UK, whether it’s foodstuffs which packs onto one pallet, or a whole 40 foot shipping container, our team has the experience, knowledge and local US contacts to get your shipment from the USA to the UK on time and in budget.

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