Importing Motorcycles into the UK

So you’ve bought a motorbike from the USA and need to arranging the shipping for it to the UK.  Mercator can handle the whole shipping process for you.  We can assist you with arranging for the collection of the motorcycle from the vendor in the USA and get the bike packed and delivered to the port/airport.  Thanks to our founding membership of a global network of freight forwarders, we have contacts across the globe who can assist with comprehensive motorbike shipping services worldwide.

Your motorbike can either be shipped by sea freight or air freight.  The main difference between the two is time and money.  It is more cost-effective (but takes more time) to ship via sea freight.  If you are desperate for your new motorcycle then you may choose to ship it by air.  Once the motorbike has arrived in the UK, we can arrange for the clearance through UK customs and delivery to your door.

Exporting Motorbikes from the UK

If you’re a motorcycle dealer and you have an international enquiry, you might be thinking ‘how on earth do I arrange the shipping of this motorbike to Australia?’  Don’t panic and don’t write-off the prospective sale.  The team at Mercator can help you with everything you need to do from document requirements to how you need to present the motorcycle for shipping.

We have contacts across the globe, so no matter where you want to ship the motorbike to, we can call on invaluable local knowledge, including information about customs clearance and document requirements in the destination country, to make your experience of shipping motorbikes simple and stress-free.

Shipping motorcycles across the world couldn’t be simpler.  Please do get in touch with our team here to discuss your motorbike shipping requirements or call +44 2392 756 575.


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