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    Freight Forwarding – Which UK Port Shall I Import My Goods Through?

    Mercator Cargo is an independent freight forwarder, based in the UK in Portsmouth.  Having been running for over twenty years, with the same management in situ, Mercator has a wealth of experience in importing goods into the UK via various ports.  As an independent business, still run and owned by the same family, we are able to offer our customers a comprehensive customer service, and offer different levels of freight forwarding services depending upon your requirements.

    From some locations, your vessel may only call at one port in the UK, in which case, you do not need to worry about making a decision as to which port to use.

    Depending on where you are importing from, you may choose to import your goods into the UK via the Port of Southampton.  Located on the South Coast of England, with good transport links, it may be your preferred choice for your cargo to be unloaded into the UK.

    We also operate the majority of our UK imports through Felixstowe and Tilbury (often preferred choices of container ports for deliveries further North).  Both with excellent transport links, and capacities to handle a great deal of cargo on a daily basis.

    Your choice of import container port in the UK may also take into account sailing times of the vessel your cargo is on.  Some vessels will just call at one container port in the UK, whereas others may call at several.  Which port they call at first, may be your choice of unloading if you wish to have your goods in the UK slightly sooner.

    The below video clip is taken from the BBC’s show ‘Sea City’ which followed the workings of Southampton container port.  This particular clip shows the operation of the cranes unloading the containers from the vessel at the port.

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      New Cranes Add Additional Capacity to Southampton Container Port

      Southampton Port, the UK’s Second Busiest, has increased port operational capacity by adding two new cranes this week.

      The addition of the latest pair of super-post panamax cranes to Southampton Port’s operation has increased the total number of cranes to 12, the cranes nicknamed Delta and Charlie unloaded their first containers this week from vessels APL Turkey and MOL Charisma.

      The cranes form part of the ports development plan along with the recent rail upgrade and future development of a new port area.

      This is an important addition to Southampton port, it means that Import and Export Containers can load and unload quicker making Cargo available sooner to Freight Forwarders, making the Import and Export cargo operations run more efficiently and smoothly and ultimately means that cargo can arrive at destination that little bit quicker!

      For more information on Southampton Port, Import and Export from the UK please call us NOW on 02392 75 65 75 to discuss your requirements with an experienced member of the Mercator  Cargo Team!

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