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    Freight Forwarding – Exporting for the First Time

    If you’re a UK based manufacturer, you may have recently seen an increase in the demand for your goods overseas. Perhaps you haven’t exported your goods before, or have only done it a few times. It will seem like a daunting task, but that’s why it is a good idea to appoint a Freight Forwarder to handle your export shipment for you.

    Mercator Cargo is a UK based Freight Forwarder, we have been running for over 20 years, and are still managed and run by the same family. We are a small team of experts in international shipping. Our dedicated export department can assist you in exporting your goods to almost anywhere in the world.

    The Government has been saying for some time that international trade (particularly exports) will help the UK economy grow. Now is the perfect time to take that first step into the international trade arena and start exporting your UK manufactured goods. International trade can massively boost a small to medium sized company.

    The UK has had a few exposed years in terms of media coverage, what with the London 2012 Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Royal Wedding and so on. As such, there is a greater demand in the world marketplace for UK branded goods.

    According to the Office of National Statistics, the export market for the UK for the second quarter of 2013 has been the highest on record (at £78.4bn). If you think your company would like a slice of this huge potential, then perhaps it is time to seriously consider exporting your goods worldwide.

    If you are in the stage of arranging some international sales, then it is always a good idea to also tempt your buyers by offering freight included (this can be seen as favourable as it would reduce their workload).  We can offer a range of services, from just freight, to a full door to door service.

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      Freight Forwarding to South Africa

      Mercator Cargo handle regular air freight and sea freight shipments as exports to South Africa.  The most common export goods are technical products such as precision engineered machinery, accessories and various hazardous chemicals.

      As an independent freight forwarder, Mercator also sees seasonal exports, such as Gliders during the southern hemisphere summer period.  These are usually shipped from Europe to South Africa under temporary export to take advantage of the good weather.

      In order to import goods into South Africa, either yourself, or the end user must be registered with South African customs.

      As part of a global network of freight forwarders, we have a very reliable and solid partner in South Africa who is able to give guidance on customs procedures.  Our freight forwarding services range from delivery to door in South Africa, assistance with customs clearance, unpacking and other procedures.

      So if you’re looking for an experienced freight forwarder to manage your export shipment to South Africa, email or call us – Tel. 02392 756 575. Email:


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