Shipping to and from the Netherlands

Mercator can arrange shipping to and from the Netherlands via sea, road and air.  We have personal links with a freight agent with an office in Rotterdam, and one further north in the country.  In 2006, our MD began a worldwide freight network with three other European freight forwarders, our partner agent in the Netherlands is one of the founding members.  Therefore we have strong links with the Netherlands, providing a seamless service when it comes to shipping to or from the Netherlands.

Cross-Trade Shipping to the Netherlands

We are based in the UK, but regularly arrange cross-trade shipments for our customers to the Netherlands (i.e. originating from a country that is not the UK).  So, if you are a UK based company and have a shipment coming from Bangladesh (for example) that needs to be shipped to the Netherlands, there is no need to import it to the UK and re-export it to the Netherlands.  We are able to handle the shipment direct from origin to the Netherlands, without having to needlessly ship to the UK and then back out again.  Our cross-trade shipping to the Netherlands saves both time and money for our customers.  Rotterdam is an extremely active sea freight port, and as such, many vessels call there, so it’s not an unusual route, there is usually no need to tranship either.

We can handle sea and air freight shipping to the Netherlands.  As we have partner agents in over 95 countries worldwide, we can arrange shipping from most countries to the Netherlands.  Typical shipments that we have handled cross-trade for our UK customers include full 20’ and 40’ containers of carpets from India and China, and air freight from Thailand.  We have also assisted exports from the Netherlands to America, of cars and car parts.

If your Netherlands import shipment is coming from outside the EU, it will need to be cleared through customs (in the same way that imports into the UK are handled).  We would instruct our partner agent in the Netherlands to complete this for you, and to arrange onward delivery to door.  Our customers choose us to handle their cross-trade shipments because it is simpler to deal with just one agent (us) and we will coordinate the rest.

Exports to the Netherlands

UK exports to the Netherlands can be arranged via sea, air or road freight.  Typically we do not come across many customers opting for air freight, because sea and road can be just as speedy.  There are regular, direct sailings from Felixstowe to Rotterdam, which takes around 1 day.  We are also able to arrange road freight from the UK to the Netherlands.  Whether you have a full load, part load or oversized shipment for the Netherlands, we can arrange your logistics for you, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Imports from the Netherlands

If you have some goods that need to be imported into the UK from the Netherlands, we can arrange this for you.  We offer sea, air and road freight solutions for your shipping from the Netherlands.  Sea freight departs from Rotterdam and calls in at Felixstowe.  All of our air freight services land into London Heathrow.  Once your shipment has arrived in the UK, we can deliver it to your door.  We can arrange every aspect of the shipping service so that you do not need to try coordinate with several agents.  We will take care of the whole process so that you can concentrate on your business.

Whether you have a shipment from the UK or indeed any other country worldwide to ship to the Netherlands, or have a shipment from the Netherlands to the UK or any country worldwide, we can take care of your shipping tasks, making your international shipping stress free.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and to get a quote for our services: +44 2392 756 575 or email


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