Export Shipping to Jordan from the UK

Mercator regularly handles export shipping of UK manufactured goods to Jordan.  There is a demand in Jordan for well-made homeware and other UK manufactured goods such as equipment and machinery.

Jordan has a very small coastline (the rest of the country being landlocked) at the south west of the country next to Egypt.  All sea freight generally arrives into Aqaba in Jordan, rather than arriving in a neighbouring country and being trucked to Jordan.  Direct sea freight sailings to Aqaba Jordan are more economical and reliable.  The sea freight shipping route is via the Suez Canal and the Gulf of Aqaba.  Most shipping sailings from the UK to Jordan depart from Felixstowe.

Air freight to Jordan departs from the UK daily from the major London airports and arrives into Amman, in the north west of the country and also Aqaba (in the south).  Air freight to Jordan is possible in a number of days (once you have factored in loading, unloading and Jordan customs clearance times), whereas sea freight shipping to Jordan can take up to two weeks.

Most UK manufacturers exporting to Jordan will choose to ship their consignment via sea freight as it is more economical and two weeks transit time is relatively fast for the distance being covered.  However, if a shipment is urgent, fragile or particularly light then we would recommend shipping it via air freight.

We have a very reliable freight forwarding partner agent based in Amman, Jordan, who will handle the arrival of your goods in Jordan.  They will be able to arrange for regular freight forwarder services in Jordan such as customs clearance, storage, and onward delivery of your goods.

Whether you require a shipping to Jordan quote for a prospective sale, your goods urgently need to leave the UK for Jordan yesterday, or if you are currently shipping to Jordan and would like to review your freight forwarding supplier, then get in touch.  Our freight forwarder team will be more than happy to assist you with understanding the requirements of UK export, shipping to Jordan, any documentation requirements and also provide you with a comprehensive quote for the services you require: +44 2392 756 575, or email sales@mercatorcargo.co.uk


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