Our Routes

Shipping internationally is the perfect option to expand beyond your borders and target customers on a global scale. But before you can do so, you must first figure out where to ship and how to do it right. To ensure your international shipments are successful, it’s essential you partner with a professional international freight forwarder that can offer an extensive range of countries to allow your goods into new markets.

Similarly, importing goods from different countries across the globe can diversify your business and bring new opportunities. Partnering with a freight forwarder who is established in the market and has established contacts both at destination and in the UK, will ensure your shipment will go smoothly.

With worldwide representation through our global network of freight forwarders of over 350 offices in more than 95 countries worldwide, Mercator can select the best experts to assist with the shipment of your consignment across the globe opening endless opportunities for your business.

Shipping containers stacked at port

Our Shipping Destinations

Below is a list of some of our more popular origins and destinations when it comes to sea and air freight shipping.  Click on a location to learn more about the shipping process. 



Thanks to our founding membership of a global network of freight forwarders, we have contacts in over 95 countries, so if you cannot see the location listed below, please get in contact and we will gladly assist you with your shipping needs.

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Our Worldwide Connections

With these contacts, Mercator can offer comprehensive freight shipping services in most countries. Mercator’s connection with these international freight forwarders means we can call on valuable, local knowledge anywhere your shipment goes.

Mercator arranges worldwide imports and export shipments for our customers, from furniture manufacturers to honey importers. Thanks to our founding membership of the global freight forwarding network, MarcoPoloLine, we can offer comprehensive sea and air freight services seamlessly around the world.

Sea freight shipping Vessel loading at port
Man leaps over shipping container

Stronger Together

We offer freight forwarding services to almost all countries worldwide, and in most countries, we can offer ‘to-door’ services.

Our worldwide network brings together independent, vetted freight forwarders, providing personal contacts across the globe, local knowledge and combined experience of over 350 freight forwarding offices in more than 95 countries.

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