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Our global network and associations with over 350 other independent freight forwarders in more than 95 countries, means that we can find the shortest, quickest and safest air freight route for your goods to reach their destination.

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Mercator uses reliable and reputable airlines treating each shipment with individual care and attention. Our air freight forwarder services are tailor-made to your requirements and particular arrangements can be made where necessary for the following freight and services:

Mercator is a UK based freight forwarder that has been providing air freight shipping services for over thirty years and has a dedicated team familiar in all aspects of organising air freight and customs procedures across the globe.

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Mercator provides fast, reliable, cost-effective air freight forwarder services from all major airports worldwide.

Please contact us or complete the form below to allow a freight forwarder from the Mercator team find the most suitable type of air freight service for your cargo, offer advice and answer any questions you may have.

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Air Freight FAQ.

Chargeable weight for air freight shipments is either based on the volume of the shipment, or the gross weight – whichever is larger.  Generally, if you have a heavy but small shipment, the actual weight will be chargeable.  Conversely, if your shipment is large but lightweight, the volume will be chargeable.  The volumetric weight is calculated by dividing the cubic meters by 0.006.

For example, 1 pallet measuring 1.4m x 1.0m x 0.9m = 1.26 cubic meters.  Divided by 0.006 = 210: the volumetric weight is 210kg.  If this pallet, for example, weighs 100kg, then 210kg is the chargeable weight as it is greater than the actual weight.

As standard air freight tends to transit on commercial passenger aircraft.  There are exceptions to this rule including the height of the shipment.  If your air freight shipment is over 160cm in height, then it will need to be scheduled onto a cargo aircraft.

Yes, we regularly handle air freight of dangerous goods both as imports into the UK and exports from the UK.  We have a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor who is expert in the field, offering help and advice with matters such as correct packaging procedures, classification and paperwork required.

Yes, unless the shipment requires special handling, such as an anomaly with the weight or dimensions, requiring temperature control or specific classification of dangerous goods.  Around 60 per cent of air freight is transported in the hold of passenger aircraft.