Shipping to Australia from the UK

Mercator arranges the export shipping of various different goods from the UK to Australia. There are two options for shipping to Australia – air or sea freight. Sea freight to Australia can take up to 50 days depending upon the arrival port, and air freight takes 24 hours plus time for loading, unloading and customs clearance in Australia.

Sea freight vessel loaded with shipping containers

Sea & Air Freight Shipping to Australia

Air freight is significantly more expensive than sea freight, so if you are in no hurry then sea freight is a great option for your shipping to Australia.  We handle all shipment sizes from palletised shipments in a shared container (otherwise known as LCL – less than container load) through to full container loads.

We have partner agents in Australia who we work with on a regular basis.  Having these contacts means that we are able to assist with the clearance and landing of your shipment once it has arrived in Australia.  Our partner agents will also be able to help with any queries about the suitability of the shipment (for example if it is allowed to be imported into Australia) and advise any payable GST & duty upon arrival.

Customs Restrictions

There are strict customs rules in Australia, and as such there are restrictions on imports.  It might be that your goods are approved for import, but you will also need to consider the packing materials being used – for example all wood will need to be treated before it leaves the UK, this is something to consider if your goods are palletised for shipping to Australia.

Sea freight shipping Vessel loading at port

Customs and Duty Charges

Thanks to one of the international trade deals implemented since Brexit, most goods are now able to be imported into Australia from the UK with preferential tariff rates, some set to zero.  Once your shipment has arrived in Australia, our local agent will be able to clear it through customs for you.  If you require clarification of rates for your particular consignment then we will be able to help you via our agent in Australia, who will also be able to arrange onward delivery for you if required.

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