Mercator Cargo’s global network of 225 individual freight forwarding companies across 82 countries around the globe gives the company connections to ensure that your cargo can be transported at reduced costs and ensure that there is a safe, secure and timely arrival of your goods to China.

Ocean Container Freight Forwarding to China is available on a regular basis as well as Air Freight Forwarding. We use reliable and reputable airlines and shipping companies to Mercator Cargo is very experienced in arranging clearance of freight at customs across the globe. The services that we can offer include:

  • Customs Clearance
  • Duty and Tax Planning
  • Tariff Clarification and Advice
  • Carnets
  • Licences
  • Preferences and Quotas
  • Temporary Imports
  • All UK Ports and Airports covered

Once your goods have cleared customs we are able to call upon a number of expert haulage companies to guarantee that your goods get to their final destination by using our road or rail freight forwarder services.

As part of the Marco Polo Line, Mercator Cargo can call upon offices in virtually every corner around the world to discuss specific Freight Forwarding issues that arise. These offices are all intentionally based near ports, by airports, main railway stations or arterial roads. Mercator ships to a number of ports in China, most notably Beijing, Xiamen, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Whether you are looking to transport a whole container full of goods or a part load, Mercator Cargo will be able to offer you a range of options to suit your needs.  Call our sales team today to discuss your individually tailored freight forwarding service directly to China on 02392 75 65 75.


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