Contact Mercator Cargo when you are looking to Import into UK and we will be able to give advice on all Import matters. Here at Mercator we deal with Customs clearance and transport arrangements on a daily basis so we will be able to guide you through your customs requirements in a timely manner.

When you are looking to import into UK you need to ensure that you include the time it takes for your goods to get through customs. It can take a few days for goods to clear Customs. To ensure that your goods are released as soon as possible all duties and tariffs must be paid. If you arrange to have your goods imported into the UK through Mercator Cargo we will be able to do this for you.

All goods entering the UK from outside the EU must be processed for Customs Clearance, which in most cases will incur Import VAT and DUTY, we will be able to advise you on VAT and Duty rates when we take your transportation requests.

Mercator are able to offer a variety of services for customs including: Duty and Tax Planning; Tariff Classification and Advice; Carnets; Licences; Temporary Imports. We can arrange your goods to be imported into the UK from various ports and airports across the world to their destination in the UK.

For further information on Tax and Import advice call us today on 02392 756575


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