Shipping Flat Rack Containers

What is a flat rack container?

A flat rack (FR) container is a piece of special shipping equipment that does not have a top or long sides.  The base is constructed to hold heavier loads than a standard shipping container.  There are only end walls which can be either static or collapsible.

Why use a flat rack container?

Flat rack containers are used in shipping when freight needs to be loaded from the top or the side, generally for bulky or heavy loads.  Goods will usually be craned into place on the FR, strapped and secured ready for shipping.  Loads for shipping a flat rack container can either be covered with a secure tarpaulin or shrink wrapped. 

FRs are also used for out of gauge freight.  Cargo can overhang the long sides of the container during transportation.

Flat Rack Container Dimensions

What examples of cargo do you use a flat rack for?

FRs can be used for any cargo that is considered out of gauge, or unable to load into a standard shipping container due to bulky nature or weight.  FRs are commonly used for large pieces of machinery, pipes, vehicles, timber to name a few.

FRs come in three sizes: 20’, 40’ and 40’ high cube.

How do I arrange the shipping of a flat rack container?

To begin the process of shipping a flat rack, first appoint a freight forwarder.  An experienced freight forwarder will be able to arrange the delivery of a FR to your premises for loading, advise any requirements for how to load and lash your freight, transport the loaded goods to the sea freight port for export, book space on a vessel, and even clear and deliver your shipment once it arrives at destination.

Mercator is a UK based freight forwarder, our export department handle regular loads of out of gauge and heavy freight using FRs.  Below are images of an export George handled recently for shipping to the USA using a 40ft FR.  The cargo was loaded on site at the exporter’s premises using an on-site crane, lashed and covered with a tarpaulin for shipping to the USA.

Machinery loaded on a Flat Rack Container for shipping to USA.
Machinery Covered in Tarpaulin on a FR ready for shipping.

If you require services for shipping using a flat rack container, then get in touch with our export team.  We regularly handle UK manufactured machinery and components for export across the globe.  Our team will be glad to provide you with a quote for your flat rack shipping requirements.  You can call our team on (+44) 02392 756 575, email, or complete the form below.

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