If you have cargo ready to be shipped to Sydney, or are speculatively looking at shipping some goods to Sydney (either for a customer order, or a personal vehicle move), then here are some things to think about:

Does your shipment need to travel by air freight or sea freight?
There are two main differences between air and sea freight, firstly there is the time difference, and secondly, the cost.  Sea freight shipping to Sydney from the UK takes around 50 days, whereas air freight is just over a day (not including handling, and customs clearance at destination).  The price for air freight is based on weight and volume, so if your shipment for Sydney is big and heavy, then it might be rather expensive via air.  If you have cargo to fill a 20 foot or 40 foot container, then you may choose to ship your goods like this.  If your cargo will not fill a full container, but you wish to ship it via sea to Sydney, then we can look at shipping it via groupage (where lots of shipments share one container).  Groupage prices are calculated by weight and volume.

Do you need your goods to be picked up in the UK?
If your goods are a small load and going via air freight, you may decide to arrange to drop them off at one of our warehouses nearby the UK airport for handling and packing.  However, if your shipment for Sydney is to fill a 40 foot container, then we can arrange for the container to come to you, and either be loaded on the back of the truck, or dropped to the floor if the loading may take a few days.  We can also arrange for labour to help pack the container if required.

Are your goods restricted for import into Australia?
As you may well know, Australia has strict customs rules about what is allowed into the country.  Even packaging needs to be considered, as if you are sending goods packed in wood, then this will need to be treated before it leaves the UK.  Give our export team a call to discuss the nature of your goods if you are concerned they may be restricted or banned, as they will either be able to advise, or find the answer for you (023 92 756 575).

Who is responsible for import taxes and delivery when your shipment arrives in Sydney?
This is only really applicable if your shipment is the sale of goods to someone in Australia.  When you arrange the sale of the goods and agreed the shipping arrangements, you will have decided who needs to pay for any import taxes and local delivery in Sydney.

Do you require marine insurance on your shipment to Sydney?
Surprisingly, marine insurance is optional.  And whilst it is not very expensive in the grand scheme of things, you may be surprised the number of people who do not insure their goods for whilst they are in transit.  Ask our freight forwarders if you require advice about whether to insure your goods.

If you are unsure of any of the answers to the above questions, then give our export team a call who will be happy to assist you and arrange your shipping to Sydney for you – Tel. 02392 756 575. Email: sales@mercatorcargo.co.uk.


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