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    Charleston Port Sees Increase in Container Traffic

    The freight forwarding port of Charleston, South Carolina in the USA, has seen a recent increase in shipping container traffic; handling over 1.5 million equivalents of 20ft containers at its two container terminals last year.

    Charleston container port has been named the fastest growing container port on the USA’s East Coast between January and November last year.  This increase in size and capacity makes it an ideal port for freight forwarders to ship cargo via sea freight to and from for an efficient and reliable service.

    Part of the port’s successes in the increase of container traffic is due to the improved export services and new carrier services to places such as Vietnam and Australia via ocean freight.  These improved links between (for example) the USA and Vietnam add to the sea freight forwarding list of options of routes and destination ports.

    Charleston container port has stated that it wishes to continue this growth, in particular increasing refrigerated cargo (in refrigerated containers sometimes known as reefers), forest and agricultural products and container imports for e-commerce retailers.

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      Hong Kong Port Container Volume Increases in April 2011 but can it make NUMBER 1 Port for 2011?!

      April 2011 saw Hong Kong Port handle 2,020,000 TEU. This is a 4 per cent increase on April 2010 throughput of 2,000,00 TEU. The port of Singapore registered  impressive growth of nearly 6 percent to 2.5 million TEUin April 2011 from 2.4 million in April 2010

      Currently the worlds top 10 ports stand as follows (Approx figures based on industry sources)

      1- Singapore in 2010 handled around 25.8 MILLION TEU

      2 – Shanghai in 2010 handled around 25 MILLION TEU

      3 – Hong Kong in 2010 handled around 21 MILLION TEU

      4 -Shenzhen in 2010 handled around 18 MILLION TEU

      5 -Busan, South Korea in 2010 handled almost 12 MILLION TEU

      6 -Guangzhou in 2010 handled just over 11.1 MILLION TEU

      7-Dubai UAE in 2010 handled around 11.1 MILLION TEU

      8- Ningbo in 2010 handled around 10.5 MILLION TEU

      9- Qingdao in 2010 handled around 10.2 MILLION TEU

      10- Rotterdam, the only port in EUROPE in the top 10 in 2010 handled around 10 Million TEU

      SIX of the top 10 ports in 2010 are located in China, which goes to show the growth and strength of the Chinese economy, Singapore and Shanghai are set to slog it out for the TOP Port of 2011 with Shanghai narrowly leading the race!

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