Mercator Cargo is an independent freight forwarder, running for over 20 years under the same family management.  We regularly arrange shipments to Israel for our customers.

If you have goods to export to Israel, the process is fairly straight forward from your point of view, by appointing a freight forwarder such as Mercator, we can make all the arrangements for the shipment to Israel.

Our usual service for customers shipping goods to Israel entails a collection of the goods from your premises and load into a container (or if it is a load that is smaller than a container and is being loaded to share a container with other goods, it might be palletised for transit).  Our driver will then transport the cargo to the sea port that the vessel is due to sail from, for shipping to Israel this tends to be from Felixstowe (and sometimes Southampton, but this usually tranships).  Typical sea freight transit time from the UK to Israel is about 16 days.

We are able to arrange the necessary documents for when your export shipment arrives in Israel.  Document requirements are different for every country, so it is a good idea to appoint a freight forwarder to handle your shipment, as they will have the knowledge and experience in this.

When your goods arrive in Israel, we will instruct our partner office in either Haifa or Ashdod to clear and deliver your goods (made possible by our membership of a global network of similar sized independent freight forwarders).  If you are shipping your own manufactured goods to Israel for a customer, then the customer may only expect, or want, delivery up to the port, in which case they will then arrange locally for clearance and delivery.  This depends on what terms you are selling your goods, if you are unsure, when you call to discuss your export shipment to Israel, ask for clarification (our export team: George and Jess are always willing to help).

The process is similar for air freight to Israel, apart from the obvious difference in transit time.

Give Mercator a call today to discuss shipping to Israel from the UK.  We can provide you with a quotation and can help every step of the way with your export shipment to Israel – Tel. 02392 756 575. Email:


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