Shipping to Africa

Exporting to Africa from the UK cannot be simpler if you appoint a reputable, well-established freight forwarder such as Mercator. Our export sea and air freight services to Africa cover many African countries, most of which we have a freight forwarding partner located in those countries to assist once your shipment arrives.

Sea freight vessel loaded with shipping containers

Exporting to Africa

Thanks to our membership of a worldwide freight forwarding network, MarcoPoloLine, we have representation in over thirty countries in Africa.  Utilising these contacts locally in Africa, means that we have first-hand expert knowledge and the ability to offer a full export service to door if required.  Contact us to find out if we cover your destination with our export shipping services.

Shipping to Africa

There are daily air freight departures from the major UK airports to countries all across Africa.  Sea freight departures are weekly and can take up to 28 days depending on which country you are exporting to.  Contact our export team to get the ball rolling with a quote for your shipment to Africa.

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