Shipping to Brazil

Freight forwarder Mercator has many years’ experience shipping to Brazil and from Brazil via both sea and air freight. Although Brazil has only come to the forefront of international trade within the last 30 years, it represents a huge market for buyers and sellers.

Sea freight vessel loaded with shipping containers

Sea & Air Freight Shipping to Brazil

Sea freight shipping to Brazil from the UK takes around 24 days port to port, with regular departures from around the UK.  Air freight departs for Brazil daily from the major UK airports.  Likewise, from Brazil to the UK there are daily air freight departures and regular departures for sea freight to the UK from Brazil.

Mercator has a very reliable and well-respected freight forwarding firm in Brazil who we have been working with for many years now.  Shipping to Brazil or from Brazil can be difficult if you do not have the experience or contacts required.  It is therefore so important to appoint a reputable freight forwarder in the UK who has a serious representative office in Brazil.

Customs Help and RADAR license

Brazil has been tightening its customs practices since 2006.  Historically, Brazil has had issues with money laundering and movement of resources which are not legal.  Stricter customs controls have been put in place to stop these problems.

Any individual or business in Brazil must have a RADAR license in order to trade internationally.  This license which authorises imports and exports, has a tiered system.  Depending on the grade granted by Brazilian authorities, the company will be able to trade to a certain level internationally.

Sea freight shipping Vessel loading at port

Why choose Mercator?

Our freight forwarding partner in Brazil advises that if you are discussing transacting business with a firm in Brazil, then it is a good idea to check the latest data of the importer or exporter with MDIC (Brazilian customs), and ask about their RADAR status.  If you appoint Mercator to handle your shipping to Brazil or from Brazil, we will gladly liaise with our agent in Brazil to help in any way we can for checking licensing and formalities.

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