Shipping to Egypt from the UK

Mercator handles commercial export shipping to Egypt from the UK. Export freight services are available via sea and air freight to Egypt. We offer sea freight services from the major UK ports to Alexandria, Damietta and Port Said.

Sea freight vessel loaded with shipping containers

Sea Freight Shipping to Egypt

Sea freight transit time between the UK and Egypt is between 12 and 16 days (depending upon route and carrier) with weekly departures.  We handle the shipping to Egypt of full container loads and part container loads (for example pallets).  For LCL (less than container loads), add around 1 week either side of the transit time for loading, unloading and clearances.  Days either side for FCL (full container loads) depend on the carrier’s cut-off date for sailing.

Our air freight services to Egypt depart from the major UK airports to Cairo airport.  There are daily departures which take less than one day (if a direct service), however you’ll need to add a few days either side for loading, unloading and customs clearances.

Import Shipping from Egypt

Mercator also handles commercial shipping from Egypt to the UK.  We cover air and sea freight, from all major ports in Egypt to the major UK ports.

Our import services from Egypt include sea and air freight to the UK, UK customs clearance, payments to HMRC for any duties and taxes applicable and delivery to your door in the UK.  If you have purchased goods on an EXW term, we can also arrange for collection of your shipment in Egypt and sea or air freight to the UK.  We cover all INCOTERMS when it comes to importing goods from Egypt.

We have direct links to the major UK ports, allowing us to directly arrange customs clearance, including calculating and making direct payments of any duties and taxes to HMRC.  Once your shipment has been cleared, we will arrange the delivery to your door.

Sea freight shipping Vessel loading at port

UK Customs Clearances

If you are importing on behalf of a company which has not imported before, you will need to complete some paperwork with HMRC to notify them that you are importing and so that the clearances can be arranged in your company’s name.  As part of our service we will walk you through everything that needs to be done.  If you are VAT registered, you may be able to reclaim your import VAT – if you are unsure, check with your accountant.

Mercator’s import team regularly imports carpets from Egypt, and across the globe.  When we founded over 30 years ago, our speciality was oriental rugs and carpets.  As such, we’re extremely well versed in clearing and handling these kind of goods.

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