Shipping to Gabon

UK based freight forwarder, Mercator handles exports to Gabon of goods such as UK manufactured machinery, components, construction materials and chemicals. Our export services to Gabon can include from your door in the UK, export customs clearance and freight to port in Gabon (sea or air).

Sea freight vessel loaded with shipping containers

Sea Freight to Gabon

Mercator can offer sea freight shipping to Gabon from the UK, for both less than container loads (LCL) and full shipping container loads (FCL).  There are weekly sailings from Felixstowe in the UK to the port at Libreville, Gabon.  Transit time is approximately 35-40 days port to port.  Not only can we handle full standard container loads, we can also arrange for special equipment, such as flat racks and open top containers for shipping to Gabon.  This is especially useful if you have oversized machinery to ship to Gabon from the UK.

Air Freight to Gabon

There are no direct flights from the UK to Gabon.  Instead if you have air freight to Gabon, then we can utilise indirect routes from the major UK airports such as Heathrow.  Transit time for air freight from the UK to Gabon would be 3-4 days depending on flight schedules, add a few days for delivery to London Heathrow and acceptance by the airline.  We offer a service from door in the UK to airport in Gabon.  Generally, your goods will be destined for Libreville airport in Gabon which is the capital city of the country.

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