Shipping to Israel

Freight forwarder Mercator handles export shipping to Israel on a regular basis. We can handle cargo from all industries and offer multi modal transportation including air and sea freight to Israel.

Sea freight vessel loaded with shipping containers

Export Services to Israel

Since founding in 1991, we have assisted the export of various goods to Israel including commercial furniture, electronics, coffee and machine parts.  Thanks to our founding membership of the global freight forwarder network MarcoPoloLine (MPL) we have a partner agent based in Israel.  When arranging an export to Israel, our agent based in Ashdod will advise on documentation required, handle customs clearance (if required) and even deliver to door.  We have been working with our Israel partner for over 10 years, so you can rely on your cargo being in safe and reliable hands every step of the shipping process.

Air & Sea Freight to Israel

Our export services to Israel cover air and sea freight.  Air freight to Israel generally departs from Heathrow to Tel Aviv in Israel.  Air freight is more expensive than sea freight, however, it can be a preferred option if the shipment is urgent or particularly small or valuable.  Sea freight to Israel takes around 16 days.  When it comes to sea freight shipping to Israel, we handle all sizes of cargo including palletised goods, less than container loads (LCL), and full shipping container loads.

If you nominate Mercator to handle your shipping to Israel, we’ll arrange to transport your goods from your door to the port in the UK.  We’ll then arrange for your shipment to be booked onto the next available vessel / air departure to Israel.  Once your goods have arrived in Israel we can assist with getting your goods through customs clearance and onward delivery (depending on the agreed INCOTERMS of your shipment).

Sea freight shipping Vessel loading at port

Cross-trade Shipping to Israel

Mercator can also arrange for cross-trade shipping to Israel.  Cross-trade is the process of shipping between two places where the goods do not enter the country where the shipper is based (or registered).  For example, if you are based in the UK and you manufacture your goods in China but a customer in Israel has purchased some goods from you, it would not make sense to import the goods into the UK and then export them again to Israel.  Instead you would opt for a cross-trade option so that your goods could ship straight from China to Israel.  Due to our links within MPL we are able to arrange cross-trade shipments to Israel.

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